This week Couchbase was at Devoxx US.  Devoxx is a hugely influential conference series, well known in Europe.  This was the first one to take place in the United States.

While I was there I had a chance to talk with a group from Codenvy.  Codenvy allows you to quickly set up development stacks based on Docker containers.  They have several standard environments.  You can add to the existing ones or roll your own by adding Docker images.

Codenvy hosts everything in the cloud, so you can collaborate directly with other developers.  This means you can have applications that run against full-featured backend systems available at the click of a button.  (Edit: To clarify, Codenvy can be used as a service, or you can run a private installation of it.)

I’m interested in using Codenvy for blogging.  I like the idea of building a sample and having a link to code a reader can try out directly.  So, I sat down during a break in the conference and knocked out a simple Couchbase Lite Java app.  Codenvy has adopted Eclipse Che, which gives you a full featured editor that runs in your browser.  (You can use any IDE and sync, too, if you don’t want to use Che.)  I built the app using Che.  The whole process was pretty easy.  I’m looking forward to trying this out further, ideally with a complete Couchbase Mobile stack setup, including Couchbase Server running in its own container.

The app has no UI.  It just shows how to open a database and perform simple CRUD operations.  I used a helper class I find convenient that also wraps Couchbase replication, although I didn’t use that aspect.

I’ve barely scratched the surface on the features Codenvy offers.  For now, click on the badge below and try it out with the sample I wrote.


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Posted by Hod Greeley, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

Hod Greeley is a Developer Advocate for Couchbase, living in Silicon Valley. He has over two decades of experience as a software engineer and engineering manager. He has worked in a variety of software fields, including computational physics and chemistry, computer and network security, finance, and mobile. Prior to joining Couchbase in 2016, Hod led developer relations for mobile at Samsung. Hod holds a Ph.D. in chemical physics from Columbia University.


  1. Thanks for posting this Hod – we love it when people build new stacks and workspaces with Che/Codenvy. One small correction – Codenvy can be downloaded and run on any machine that runs Docker so it’s perfect for installing behind the firewall and connecting to a private toolchain in an enterprise.

  2. Thanks Brad. Good point to clarify. I added a note.

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