Couchbase is pleased to announce general availability of Couchbase Mobile 1.0. Couchbase Mobile is the first and only NoSQL solution written from the ground up for native mobile application development. It gives mobile application developers a new platform to build the next generation of always available, always responsive mobile applications.

Couchbase Mobile includes:

  • Couchbase Lite: a full-featured, embedded NoSQL mobile database built natively for the major mobile platforms, including: Couchbase Lite for iOS, Couchbase Lite for Android, and Couchbase Lite for Java
  • Sync Gateway: a sync tier that manages all of the synchronization (including user authentication, access control, data filtering and validation) between the mobile device and the server on the cloud. Sync Gateway makes it possible to quickly and easily code the synchronization between the mobile device and the server in the cloud with a page of code
  • Couchbase Server: the most complete, most scalable NoSQL database

Get started by downloading our stack, or learn more:

We also invite you to join us in our upcoming Couchbase Mobile webinar series, starting May 27th with an overview of our Couchbase Mobile stack.

This release has been long in-coming. We first started this project nearly three years ago, and introduced our first Beta at our San Francisco Couchbase in September 2013. Less than a year later, we have strengthened our product feature set, added optimizations to enhance performance, expanded our native platform offering, and have had the chance to work closely with an amazing and growing community that continues to inspire us with how they are using our work. Just some of the things we’re excited to deliver in our 1.0:

  • Native and REST client support for iOS, Android, and any platform that can run a J2SE JVM Full-featured libraries to manage CRUD operations, allow sync, and bridge the sync experience with conflict resolution at both the client and sync server level
  • Initial replication features to support P2P networks
  • Easily configurable custom sync to connect the right data to the right client from any remote point
  • A stateless no-shared architecture sync server tier for quick scaling

Feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or questions at our Community forum here.

We look forward to hearing how you will be using Couchbase Mobile.


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