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Couchbase Launches ISV Starter Factory on AWS to Accelerate Application Development on Capella

The Couchbase ISV Starter Factory Delivers Enhanced Support for Database Management, Migration and Cloud Infrastructure for ISVs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 4, 2023 – Couchbase, Inc. (NASDAQ: BASE), the cloud database platform company, today announced the Couchbase Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Starter Factory. The new program supports ISVs with additional tools and resources required to build and monetize their applications with Couchbase Capella™ Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Couchbase and AWS have invested resources into the ISV Starter Factory including technical proof-of-value workshops, proofs of concept (PoCs), training, certifications, best practices and aligning System Integrators (SIs) that are part of the AWS Partner Network program.

The unique combination of a cloud database vendor, cloud services provider and select SIs provides an end-to-end program for ISVs that streamlines ISV migration efforts to Capella on AWS. The ISV Starter Factory builds on the momentum from Couchbase’s recently enhanced ISV Partner Program in conjunction with Couchbase’s expanded relationship with AWS, which offers customers integrated go-to-market activities, commercial incentives and technology integrations including support for migrating workloads to the Capella offering on AWS. 

“With Capella on AWS, we benefit from lower total cost of ownership and increased efficiency for our development team. The cost savings, ease of use and scalability of Capella on AWS allows us to perform frequent software releases so we can stay ahead of competitors while exceeding our customer expectations,” said Mike Orlando, CEO at Yapstone. “With the launch of the ISV Starter Factory, app builders will now be able to leverage benefits such as custom PoCs and specialized training and certifications in a programmatic manner to give their application a fast start to monetization. This will help developers to locate the resources needed to quickly and easily build applications that deliver immense value to their customers.”

According to a McKinsey study, companies with high developer velocity grew revenue four to five times faster than those with low velocity. For ISVs, developing market-leading apps that need to evolve rapidly can be difficult. Adding features and increasing differentiation can be at the expense of developer agility when the database does not perform or scale to meet their needs. Additionally, some vendors provide limited services for ISVs, which are typically disaggregated and can end up creating more roadblocks for their development teams.

Couchbase’s ISV Starter Factory reduces this complexity, making it easier to modernize and migrate apps. It is a single place for organizations looking for a developer-friendly solution to build applications. Capella also addresses challenges around cloud infrastructure and migration services. Couchbase’s flexible and cost-efficient cloud database Capella, paired with AWS’s scale and compute power, allows ISVs to establish and expand their business at a compellingly low total cost of ownership. Customers’ development speed and agility are also enhanced as Capella enables teams to consolidate their solutions — saving time and budget.

Carol Potts, Head of North America Independent Software Vendor and Digital Native Business Segments at AWS, said, “In today’s digital economy, applications are the modern framework for all commerce. We are delighted to be working with Couchbase to help customers build modern applications that are always on and can extend anywhere — from cloud to edge to mobile and IoT devices and anywhere in between.”

Couchbase ISV partners can take advantage of the capabilities of Capella and Capella App Services on AWS, including:

  • SQL-like experience for modern applications: With a familiar foundation, developers aren’t required to learn new coding languages and processes, which helps close the skills gap. 
  • Securely sync data from any cloud to the edge: Capella App Services allows developers to store, query, search and analyze data in the cloud, at the edge or on IoT devices regardless of internet connectivity and speed. This enables applications that are always fast and always on. 
  • Multi-data models: Capella makes development faster and easier by providing multiple services within one platform including document, key-value, full-text search and eventing.

“As part of our growing momentum with AWS, we’re excited to equip our ISV partners with industry-leading resources to help propel their application development journeys forward, turning theory into action,” said Matt McDonough, senior vice president of business development and strategy at Couchbase. “Support from AWS and participating SIs enables our ISV Starter Factory to provide ISVs with programmatic support to productionize and monetize their applications with faster time to market.”

To enroll in Couchbase’s ISV Starter Factory with AWS, interested parties can reach out here

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