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Moving From Relational to NoSQL whitepaper
See How to Modernize Your Database With the Strengths of Relational

How companies offload Oracle and replace workloads on Couchbase

Amadeus uses Couchbase in applications that process petabytes of data at over 2.5M operations per second. With Couchbase, Amadeus is able to handle peak workloads and unexpected spikes while avoiding the cost and complexity of scaling an Oracle relational database.

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As part of its legacy modernization efforts, Marriott is using Couchbase to offload room availability and reservations workloads from a backend mainframe. Making the move to Couchbase enables Marriott to achieve 4K transactions per second and offer new services, even as the company reduces related costs.

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Nuance decided to replace its Oracle relational database with NoSQL because its monolithic environment was expensive to scale and too inflexible for varied data. MongoDB™ was too hard to manage, but Couchbase was perfect for easy, cost-effective performance at scale and bidirectional replication.

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