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Top 5 reasons companies replace Oracle with Couchbase

Single data platform for web and mobile apps

Single data platform for web and mobile apps

Couchbase provides a multipurpose, feature-rich database platform that addresses the challenges posed by B2C applications in the areas of caching and data persistence at scale. The platform also includes an embedded database and sync technology to deliver always-on experiences.

Greater agility and faster time to market

Greater agility and faster time to market

With a flexible JSON-based data model and a SQL-based query language (N1QL), Couchbase enables developers to build applications faster, more easily, and without needing a dedicated DBA to manage schemas.

Better performance at scale

Better performance at scale

Couchbase is based on a shared-nothing, memory-first architecture with an integrated cache and memory-to-memory replication. The result is consistent high-throughput performance with sub-millisecond response times at any scale.

Superior multiple datacenter support

Superior multiple datacenter support

Couchbase provides cross datacenter replication (XDCR), which makes it super easy to set up active-active bidirectional clusters across multiple regions. Applications can perform local read and write across regions, improving data latency and overall availability.

Lower TCO

Lower TCO

With subscriptions based on the number of instances, Couchbase typically costs 10-40x less than Oracle and its complex per-core based licensing – especially on servers with many cores.

Moving From Relational to NoSQL: How to Get Started

Modern web and mobile applications are developed for superior customer engagement and require far more agility, scalability, and support for real-time data management than traditional apps. But, relational databases simply weren’t designed to meet these new requirements. That’s why Couchbase offers the world’s first Engagement Database, built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, to power all your next-gen apps. In this whitepaper, we'll walk you through:

– Identifying the right application for your first NoSQL project
– Examples of modeling relational data as documents
– Requirements for a successful proof of concept
– Tips for migrating from relational databases

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How Couchbase helps increase performance and reduce costs

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Distributed in-memory data

Use integrated caching and built-in clustering to access terabytes of data with consistent sub-millisecond latency.

Elastic on-demand scaling
Elastic on-demand scaling

Add nodes on demand to scale out reads and writes and support permanent or temporary workload increases.

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Multi-master, multi-region deployment

Make all reads and writes local by running in multiple regions and enabling built-in cross datacenter replication.

Your data, anywhere
Lower operation costs

Full-text search, analytics, caching, data persistence, indexing, and mobility are all delivered in a single data platform, making it easy to deploy and manage the software stack with minimal DBA resources.

Full-experience mobile
Lower hardware/software costs

Reduce the amount of hardware needed by offloading workload and scaling out on commodity hardware. And Couchbase is billed per compute node instead of by CPU cores per node, so it costs less to license.

Iron-clad security
No expensive add-ons

Eliminate the need for Oracle Coherence and GoldenGate with integrated caching and built-in cross datacenter replication.

Webinar: How to Switch From Oracle to the World’s First Engagement Database

The Couchbase Engagement Database is built on the Couchbase Data Platform with the most powerful NoSQL technology available for unmatched flexibility, performance, and availability at any scale. Many leading companies are making the move from Oracle to Couchbase to get the best performance and highest availability possible from their mission-critical business applications across regions and datacenters.

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– Find out which applications are the best candidates for NoSQL
– Hear how and why customers are switching to Couchbase
– Learn how to deploy a multi-master, multi-region database cluster in no time
– See a step-by-step live demo packed with practical advice

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How companies use Couchbase with Oracle

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Amadeus uses Couchbase in applications that process petabytes of data at over 2.5 million operations per second. With Couchbase, Amadeus is able to handle peak workloads and unexpected spikes while avoiding the cost and complexity of scaling a relational database.

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As part of its legacy modernization efforts, Marriott is using Couchbase to offload room availability and reservations workloads from a backend mainframe. Making the move to Couchbase enables Marriott to offer new services even as the company reduces related costs.

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Nuance, a speech-recognition and imaging software company, knew its monolithic, all-Oracle environment was expensive to scale and inflexible for varied data types. As it explored NoSQL, it found MongoDB hard to manage. It chose Couchbase for easy, cost-effective performance at scale and bi-directional replication.

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eBay uses Couchbase to store user authentication tokens and session state. By storing short-lived data in a memory-optimized database, Couchbase enables them to improve application performance while reducing load on the relational database.

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Switching to NoSQL is easier than ever

Declarative query language

Today’s businesses expect performance at scale, but not at the expense of a query language. Developers like building applications using SQL because it optimizes productivity.


Couchbase provide a mature SQL-based query language (aka N1QL) for JSON documents that supports filtering, joins, aggregation, and more. For big data insight, developers can leverage an integrated yet independent analytics service.


Query Workbench provides a rich graphical user interface to conveniently explore data and create, edit, run, and save N1QL queries. For easy monitoring and management, Query Monitoring provides a real-time view of the query service by listing the active queries, completed long-running queries, and prepared statements.

Flexibility and agility

The key to success in today’s digital economy is to be able to develop engaging customer applications with agility and deliver them to market faster.


Couchbase provides a schemaless JSON document store that allows developers to ingest data fast without defining the schema beforehand. Features like Global Secondary Indexes (GSI), Adaptive Index, and Full Text Search (FTS) enable applications to perform fast keyword searches over their data.


Full Text Search (FTS) is an integrated service of the Couchbase Data Platform, so operations teams need no additional training to support it. And because it’s integrated, FTS also benefits from the elastic scalability of the Couchbase cluster, which allows you to meet any business workload need.

Security and availability

Just as high availability is critical for meeting the demanding expectations of users, a secure infrastructure is vital for preventing unauthorized access or denial of service due to breaches.


The latest Couchbase release extends the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to application users, making it possible to write secure applications with fine-grained access control. Developers can also now leverage multi-datacenter awareness that’s built into the SDKs to deliver applications that transparently fail over to other nodes or datacenters in the event of failure.


Couchbase Server allows administrators to implement various security controls to ensure secure deployment and compliance with regulatory standards such as PCI DSS, GDPR, and HIPAA. Built-in features like multiple datacenter support, disaster recovery, and fast failover mean zero downtime during any planned or unplanned failure scenario.

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