Couchbase Mobile vs. Firebase for mobile development

Firebase lacks the scale and multi-model flexibility of Couchbase. It can’t support offline-first requirements, and its use cases are limited because it doesn’t offer search, analytics, or broad support for SQL.


Couchbase Mobile vs. Google Firebase

The superior scale, flexibility, and offline-first capabilities of Couchbase Mobile support larger and more-complex use cases than Firebase.

  • What’s included
  • Cloud database
  • Offline-first embedded database
  • Comprehensive data sync
  • Edge deployment topologies
  • Scalability
  • Multicloud/on premises
  • Query language
  • Search
  • Distributed ACID transactions
  • Couchbase Mobile
  • Multi-directional, filters, channels, custom conflict resolution
  • 20K writes/sec and scales linearly with nodes
  • Complex SQL
  • Firebase
  • Two-way only, no filters, simple conflict resolution
  • limited to 1M concurrent connections, 10K writes/sec
  • Simple “SQL-like”

What customers are saying

  • “With Capella, millions of players are able to have a consistent experience without any disruptions. These capabilities are critical for us.”
    Lars Schmeller, Team Lead, Lotum
    800 million downloads worldwide
    10+ million monthly active users
  • “We need to have a robust supply chain as well as a good frontline sales application to be able to manage the orders and deliver products.”
    Madhav Mekala, Director of Mobile App Development, PepsiCo
    30K users
  • “Couchbase has engaged really well with us. We have been impressed with that, and it’s felt like a rapid move through the gears.”
    Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle
    <3 months of development
    100+ stores
  • “Our digital showroom concept completely reimagines the traditional buying approach and establishes a new fashion industry benchmark for B2B sales.”
    Daniel Grieder, CEO, Tommy Hilfiger
    66% reduction in buying trip duration
    80% cut in sample production