And now for Part 2 in our series, here are the top 5 blog posts published in 2021:

5. How we implemented distributed multi-document ACID transactions in Couchbase, by Denis Rosa
In this blog post, we gave you an overview of challenges faced by NoSQL and NewSQL databases, we also did a  deep dive into how Couchbase implemented a scalable distributed transaction model with no central coordination and no single point of failure.

4. How to Build Observability Dashboards with Prometheus, Grafana, and Couchbase, by Jake Rawsthorne and Jagadesh Munta
Learn how to build your own observability dashboard using Prometheus, Grafana, and Couchbase. While your in-house data source pipelines may vary – as might your data visualization software, the steps outlined in this blog should be applicable across a number of tools and deployments.

3. A JSON Data Modeling Guide, by Eric Bishard
When starting to learn about document databases, it’s nice to have a good grip on JSON data modeling best practices, which is exactly what we aim to do in this blog.

2. Why NoSQL JSON Databases Are So Useful, By Jeff Morris
A JSON database is arguably the most popular category in the NoSQL family of databases. NoSQL database management differs from traditional databases that struggle to store data outside of columns and rows. Instead, the flexibility adapt to a wide variety of data types, changing application requirements and data models. In an era where physical storage limits are no longer a bottleneck, JSON databases deliver superior scale and performance. In this blog we look at advantages of a database that stores data in JSON format.

1. 4 Patterns for Microservices Architecture in Couchbase, by Marian Paul
Microservices have emerged as a common architecture pattern over the last decade. In this approach, small, autonomous and loosely coupled services work together over a distributed network. Each microservice is typically delimited to a specific function and business boundary, runs in its own process and can be managed and deployed independently of other services. In this blog post, we focus on the data management aspects of microservice architecture and how Couchbase provides low latency, resilience and scalability for your data layer.

We hope you enjoyed our blogs this year, and we look forward to creating more content that you will find encouraging and exciting in the new year!


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