This past week at Northscale has been a great week of productivity! Dustin released just this weekend SASL support for memcached so the statement that I put in my previous book about memcached having no authentication is now no longer valid!

I have been busy working on building memcached on Windows using the mingw compiler. Alan (Dormando) has a good friend who was kind enough to put his Windows development expertise into providing a patch to help get memcached to run. Alan and I were both trying to get a cross compile to build a Windows binary on Linux. We both had it working but there is some problem running the binary on Windows. Interestingly, you can run this windows binary on Linux– and not using Wine, something I was surprised about. That is because all the libraries are there that are needed for it to run, despite being for a different OS. What I then ended up doing is trying the same tree, but compiling it on Windows (along with some changes to the Makefile) and had great success! This image shows memcached 1.4.1 happily running on a Windows AMI I used for my testing. The git repository for this can be found at: git:// and check out the win32 branch:

git checkout -b win32 origin/win32

To build this, you will need to install mingw, libevent and pthreads. Some kind soul (Dustin) had pre-installed all this for me on this Windows instance, so you will need do a Google search for instructions on these installations. Also, you have to examine the file Makefile.mingw and edit it to be able to find the path to both libevent and pthreads includes and libraries. Our goal at Northscale is to keep this moving forward. Steve Yen is busily working on an installer that will further simplify running memcached on Windows!


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