Over the next five months, Couchbase will be exhibiting at 15 AWS Summits all around the world. In total, over 94,500 software developers, architects and AWS practitioners will attend one of these events, and we can’t wait to meet as many of them as possible.

Europe America Asia Pacific/Middle East
Paris – April 4th New York – July 26th Sydney – April 4th
Berlin – May 4th Sao Paulo – August 3rd Seoul – May 3rd
Stockholm – May 11th Mexico City – August 30th Singapore – May 4th
Amsterdam – June 1st Mumbai – May 18th
London – June 7th Tel Aviv – May 31st
Madrid – June 15th
Milan – June 22

Meet the experts

If any of the following resonates, then you should talk to one of our on-site experts at the Summits. Not only can we discuss relevant customer stories and reference architectures, but can book extended demonstrations after the show and introduce you to our training options and developer community resources.

The Couchbase team looks forward to sharing how our users have impacted their project development, and how you can too, by:

    • Slashing TCO by 50%
    • Reducing data sprawl and increasing performance
    • Enabling mobile apps with low latency, 100% uptime, and no internet dependency
    • Improving developer productivity

NoSWAG – Donating to Turkish-Syria Earthquake Appeal

When planning these events, it occurred to us we could be giving out a significant amount of SWAG. With our environmentally conscious focus here at Couchbase, we decided to donate $2 for every badge we scan instead of giving out merchandise. We have all been touched by the tragic crisis in Turkey and Syria, so we chose the Turkish-Syria Earthquake Appeal with a goal of raising $40,000.

Over 50,000 people died from the earthquake in February, with a further 100,000 injured. 214,000 buildings have been destroyed or damaged including schools and hospitals. 18 million people are in the affected area, many of them in urgent need of shelter, food and medical aid. If you wish to donate, you can do so at the DEC link here.

Learn about Capella, the fastest and easiest fully-managed Cloud Database Platform

As you can tell, we’re passionate at Couchbase, especially when it comes to talking about Capella. We hope you’ll catch some of that passion when visiting our booth, scanning your badge for a good cause and helping us learn more about your project needs too. In the meantime, you can get a hassle-free trial of Capella to see, first hand, what the buzz is all about. 


Posted by Jes Breslaw, VP Global Field Marketing

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