Who said work can’t be fun? At Couchbase, we want every part of working with our database platform to be as easy as possible, including learning and getting started. With that in mind, we designed the Couchbase Playground to be a super simple way to get started. It is a tool created by our Developer Advocacy team where you can test out our database using language-specific code samples and our SDKs without requiring an installation or significant time commitment. It includes a step-by-step process to learn more about Couchbase. Languages include Java, Node.js, Python, .NET, PHP, Ruby, Scala, Go, C++. Hopefully one is your favorite. 

The Playground teaches Couchbase basics like executing Key-Value operations, learning the basics of our SQL++ query language, and teaching about how we do ACID transactions. You get to try all of this hassle-free. 

 The examples found on Couchbase Playground utilize our default travel-sample dataset, which includes a rich set of documents for airlines, hotels, airports, and routes. More information can be found about that here. https://docs.couchbase.com/java-sdk/current/ref/travel-app-data-model.html 

In its simplest form, you can run code samples on the Playground by simply selecting your language of choice from the homepage. Then walk through the following steps: Key-Value Get, Query Rows, Query w/ Named Parameter, Query w/ Positional Parameter, Sub-Document Lookup, Sub-Document Mutate, Upsert, and Search Query String. Next, if you want to create your own database session, you can create a 30-minute preview – explore the web console, connect your IDE, and experiment. This is a good way to show Couchbase to a friend or co-worker.

Serious Fun: Getting the most out of the Playground

If you want to get more out of the playground, then your best plan will be to sign up for a 30-day free Capella trial. Capella is our fully managed database-as-a-service of
fering. No credit card is needed for the trial, just a month of free access. So that gives plenty of time to test, iterate, save your work and come back again later. And with that trial, you can connect the Playground to your Capella trial. You can try more sample code, explore tools like our Query Workbench, Full Text Search Workbench, and Document Viewer. There are more sample data sets, SDK samples, and dashboards that provide insight into the database. Of course, you can connect your IDE or application to Capella and run whatever code you want. 

And if you need any help during your trial, our Capella technical team is here to answer any questions and provide suggestions to you. The trial comes with a self-guided tour, which is another good way to accelerate your learning. 

You can find the Playground and associate tools here: https://cloud.couchbase.com/sign-up  

With the same time as it takes to read this blog, you can sign up for a trial and spin up your own Capella cluster. Want to jump right into a trial? Sign up here: https://cloud.couchbase.com/sign-up 

Have fun and enjoy!


Posted by Tim Rottach, Director of Product Line Marketing

Tim Rottach is Director of Product Line Marketing at Couchbase.

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