Couchbase Managed Cloud – Simplifying your journey to the cloud

Today we are excited to launch a new addition to our product portfolio – the Couchbase Managed Cloud – a fully managed cloud database as a service (DBaaS) that will free you up from the burden of managing and operating your database infrastructure in public cloud environments. It provides complete management of the end-to-end database lifecycle from the initial cluster sizing, infrastructure (compute and storage) provisioning, database install and setup, to managing the day-to-day operations like upgrades and patching, backup, restore, cluster expansion, and data replication, all performed for you by Couchbase and cloud-certified experts you can rely on.

To bring this product to market, we are combining the Couchbase Data Platform – the world’s most powerful NoSQL technology, with the capabilities and expertise of Rackspace – the number one managed cloud provider, under a single unified solution – managed, operated, and supported as one. You can rest easy knowing that your cloud database infrastructure is being managed and operated by the very database experts who built the technology and is being supported by the cloud and devops expertize of an organization known for their Fanatical Support® and results-obsessed customer service.

This best-of-breed combination of database technology and managed cloud services, delivered and built as one, will help you simplify your journey to the cloud.

Why Couchbase Managed Cloud?

With the explosion in the amount and variety of data along with the race towards digital transformation, we see the challenges and pressures that our customers face in order to balance their traditional IT operations with the need to drive new strategic initiatives. Digital transformation often involves moving from rigid business processes supported by the existing system of records to a more dynamic infrastructure, driven by managing vast amounts of data from multiple sources. This translates to a need for a new category of database technologies that can manage data at the point of interaction and capture those engagements – it requires an Engagement Data Platform.

For the IT and database administrator, this means additional infrastructure to maintain, operate and manage. While public clouds provide agile and flexible environments, managing a cloud database is not trivial. Figuring out instance types and storage and scaling in real-time to account for bursts in demand is critical to the success of businesses running in the cloud. This translates to a need for expertise on newer technologies like cloud integrations and NoSQL, both of which may be expensive and difficult to acquire and hire for.  As IDG’s 17th annual CIO’s State of the CIO survey points out – nearly three quarters (73%) of tech leaders say they find it a challenge to strike the right balance between business innovation and operational excellence.

It was these set of challenges that we set out to address while building the Couchbase Managed Cloud so that we can bring operational efficiencies to your database infrastructure and let you focus on driving your business initiatives.

Core Design Tenets 

Based on these trends and feedback, we had a few core tenets in mind as we started building this product offering around:

  • Simplicity – Simplify the acquisition, deployment, and management of a cloud database by offloading these services to Couchbase.
  • Flexibility – Eliminate cloud vendor lock-in by enabling deployment on multiple public cloud environments and data portability between them via native Couchbase replication technology
  • Security and performance – Maximize performance, security, and control by deploying and managing the database within your own virtual private cloud environment and closer to your applications.
  • Better economics – Leverage your relationships with the cloud providers to get the best pricing on infrastructure without any additional charges by Couchbase. 

Product Overview

Couchbase Managed Cloud offers all the features of the Couchbase Data Platform that you love, as well as managed services features like:

  • Cloud infrastructure sizing: Working closely with you, our team of experienced database administrators will help you size your database infrastructure in the cloud.
  • Database setup and install: Couchbase DBAs will deploy and install your cluster in the cloud using the cloud provider and our best practices. The database infrastructure will be deployed and provisioned in your virtual private environment and all data will always be within your environment and control.
  • Infrastructure management and operations: Couchbase will proactively work with you to install software patches and upgrades, perform database maintenance, monitor, and correct health issues, and offer add-on consultation services on performance and query optimizations to ensure your database is always running efficiently.
  • Planning and Optimizing: Couchbase DBAs will work collaboratively with you on capacity and performance planning, identifying bottlenecks and recommending solutions before they impact your applications. Cluster maintenance and expansion can be requested anytime via the Cloud Management portal and will be carried out non-disruptively for you.
  • Real-time, proactive monitoring and event notification: Our operational management tools will proactively monitor and display a real-time status of your infrastructure and issue alert based on the parameters you set. Depending on the action, tickets may be created to notify the support team to collaborate with you to resolve problems within agreed upon timeframes. The database infrastructure may be configured to generate automated reports that provide your team with real-time status updates for your deployment.
  • Always available single point of support: Couchbase Managed Cloud offers a single point of contact for all issues related to your database infrastructure, including compute, storage, and the database. Support and monitoring are available 24x7x365 for immediate response and resolution.
  • Managed Cloud operational review service: Couchbase will conduct regular account reviews to go over and plan usage and performance metrics as well as discuss growth, governance and risk mitigation strategies.  

Key Benefits

Couchbase Managed Cloud is designed to help you:

  • Eliminate the operational burden of deploying and managing the database in public cloud freeing you up to focus on tasks that drive business value
  • Mitigate risk by reducing downtime, improving availability and resiliency via  24/7/365 real-time proactive monitoring, planning and support. In addition, a single point of contact accelerates the time to issue resolution if and when they occur.
  • Improve operational and costs efficiencies by giving you control of your cloud infrastructure relationships and takes the unpredictability out of your support burden
  • Be in complete control of your cloud database infrastructure by deploying within your own virtual environment and freeing up your data from cloud vendor lock-ins via native data portability.
  • Maximize performance at scale by locating your database closer to your applications.

Getting Started

If you are an existing Couchbase customer or a new to Couchbase but want to take advantage of a fully managed NoSQL database in the cloud, contact us and we can help you simplify your DBaaS journey.

Couchbase Managed Cloud is ideal for customers looking for a high performance, scalable NoSQL data platform in the cloud, without the operational overhead of managing and operating the database infrastructure.

For more information – Visit our Couchbase Managed Cloud page or check out the datasheet


Posted by Rahul Pradhan, VP Product and Strategy

Rahul leads Product and Strategy for Cloud Platforms at Couchbase. Rahul has over 16 years of experience leading and managing both Engineering and Product teams across Storage, Networking and Security domains. Most recently, he led the Product Management and Business Strategy team for EMC's Emerging Technologies and Midrange Storage Divisions to bring all flash NVMe, Cloud, and SDS products to market. Rahul holds a Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science as well as a Masters in Engineering Management from MIT's Sloan School of Management.

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