Couchbase has expanded its partnership with HashiCorp and added support for HashiCorp Vault to keep TLS private key secrets safe.

Our customers have been deploying and managing Couchbase using Terraform from HashiCorp for years because it makes architects and DevOps lives easier. But now, with our recent release of Couchbase Server 7.1, we can also make a positive impact on developer’s lives by using another HashiCorp product, HashiCorp Vault.

HashiCorp Vault stores encryption secrets for Couchbase TLS private keys used to secure Couchbase’s network connections among its nodes, applications and users.

HashiCorp Vault Integration complements Couchbase Terraform support

The organizations who benefit most from this partnership and integration are those that are managing multiple, large Couchbase deployments, across multiple sites and cloud zones. Terraform makes managing multi-node clusters a relative breeze, especially when using open source templates for Terraform deploying Couchbase on AWS from These templates allow users to deploy and manage Couchbase clusters in no time.

Couchbase in Terraform registry


Dig in to Couchbase HashiCorp Vault configuration

For more information on securing TLS private key passphrases using our HashiCorp Vault integration check out this blog post or go directly to our documentationHashiCorp Vault also publishes the APIs to the Couchbase plug-in.

HashiCorp Vault publishes Couchbase API


What’s Next?

These integrations, both for Terraform and HashiCorp Vault, will also move into Couchbase Capella later this year. In fact, we recently described how to configure Couchbase Capella as a Verified Provider for Terraform. The source code repo is also included. This allows Capella users to manage their Capella configurations via Terraform, similar to what we offer with Couchbase Server.

We are excited to be deepening our partnership with HashiCorp and their infrastructure as code product lines. As we grow Couchbase Capella, we expect this partnership to continue to grow.

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