If you’re new to Couchbase, or non-relational databases generally, you might be wondering where to start your learning.

You can get up to speed quickly by following our new introductory online training courses. They’re free and will take you from knowing relatively little about NoSQL to having a good grasp of Couchbase’s basics.

Start at the beginning

If you’re pretty much new to NoSQL, we have two courses that will help you get started:

  • Fundamentals of NoSQL data management: takes around 55 minutes and finishes with a quiz.
  • Essentials of Couchbase NoSQL technology: takes around 90 minutes and also finishes with a quiz.

These use a mix of videos and other learning materials to introduce you to the reasons for non-relational databses, the different data models and then the specifics of what Couchbase offers. They’re an easy way to get a grounding in what Couchbase is all about.

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can then start getting your hands dirty with both Couchbase Server and Couchbase Mobile.

More on developing with Couchbase

Once you want to get into the detail of how to developer applications that use Couchbase, then we up the pace a little and get you building stuff.

First up, there are two Couchbase Server-oriented courses:

  • Introduction to N1QL query language for SQL people: 55 minutes with hands-on lab and quizzes
  • Introduction to NoSQL application development (Java): build a simple app over the course of 90 minutes, with lab and quiz assessment.

Both of these courses offer in-depth downloadable materials, video tuition and a fun, moderately challenging, way to take your first steps coding with Couchbase Server.

You’ll need to download the latest version of Couchbase Server and the Java SDK before you begin.

For mobile developers

If you’re also interested in mobile development, there are a further two courses:

  • Introduction to Couchbase Mobile NoSQL applications (iOS)
  • Introduction to Couchbase Mobile NoSQL applications (Android).

In both courses you’ll learn the fundamentals of Couchbase Mobile, from getting your environment set-up to working with documents.

Next steps

These courses are a great start to your Couchbase journey and provide the ideal foundation for our professional hands-on training.

If you’re looking for more help starting out with Couchbase, check out our developer portal, our forums and Couchbase on StackOverflow.


Posted by Matthew Revell, Lead Developer Advocate, EMEA, Couchbase

Matthew Revell is a Lead Dev Advocate, EMEA Couchbase. He developed a global strategy for putting Couchbase front in the minds of the product's developers.

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