So you’re probably wondering why you would ever want to uninstall Couchbase. After all, it is the best NoSQL database around, right? Actually, I had recently received and inquiry that there were problems during the installation of Couchbase Server on someones Mac resulting in the dashboard not being able to be opened. To fix this problem we had to uninstall Couchbase, but it isn’t as easy as just removing the application package.

When you install Couchbase on Mac, it creates files in two locations on your computer:

When removing Couchbase, those directories still remain, so when it comes time to re-installing Couchbase, it isn’t truly a fresh installation. This means that if there were problems with the first installation, those problems will likely still exist.

Resolving this is easy though!

When you uninstall Couchbase, it is safe to remove both those directories. You can even do this if you just plan to reset Couchbase back to when you had first installed it. Just make sure you’ve stopped the currently running instance.

Need help getting Couchbase installed on your Mac? Check out this tutorial on the subject.


Posted by Nic Raboy, Developer Advocate, Couchbase

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