Author’s note: This excerpt from the Couchbase on Cisco UCS® solution brief is published on behalf of Cisco. Full solution brief for Couchbase on Cisco UCS® is available later in this blog.

As the world migrates to a digital economy, businesses are adopting NoSQL databases as they discover that traditional relational databases can no longer handle the scale and speed at which data is being stored and served.

Cisco Unified Computing System foundation

The Cisco Unified Computing System™ (Cisco UCS®) M5 server platform offers complete integration of computing, networking, and storage resources with unified management while providing high performance, expandable storage, and scalability for big data systems.

Cisco UCS uses a fabric-centric architecture designed for business acceleration, providing true on-demand infrastructure, with a system that grows gracefully and incrementally.

High performance with linear scalability

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data is a simplified, intelligent infrastructure with high performance and scalability to meet growing business demands.

Couchbase enables users to define the scalability characteristics of their systems based on their actual technical business requirements.

General-purpose database

Couchbase Server is an open-source, distributed database engineered for scalability, performance, and availability. It is a general-purpose database that can be deployed as a document database, key-value store, or distributed cache.

Couchbase also supports a robust collection of adapters for popular big data and analytics products.

Distributed SQL-based querying

N1QL is a full-featured, SQL-based query language that extends SQL to JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and enables low-latency queries on distributed data, regardless of scale.

Develop with Agility and Operate at Scale

The business world is undergoing a massive change as enterprises are shifting toward a digital economy. At the core of every digital economy, business are its web, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. They are the primary means through which companies interact with customers today and run more and more of their business. The experiences that companies deliver through these applications largely determine customer satisfaction and retention.

Today’s enterprise applications share one or more of the following characteristics. They need to:

  • Support large numbers of concurrent users (tens of thousands, or perhaps even millions, of users)
  • Deliver highly responsive experiences to a globally distributed base of users
  • Be always available, no downtime
  • Handle semistructured and unstructured data
  • Rapidly adapt to changing requirements with frequent updates and new features

Building and running these applications has created a new set of technology requirements. The enterprise data platform must be more agile and scalable, and its approach to real-time data management must accommodate new levels of speed and data variability.

Cisco UCS® Integrated Infrastructure for Big Data and Analytics with Couchbase provides a low-latency data management platform for large-scale applications with a flexible data model and elastic scaling. Couchbase Server is extremely simple to deploy and manage, and it is built with a strong emphasis on reliability and high availability. It is designed to deliver an excellent experience with robust features and easy administration.

Reach the solutions brief below for more details, performance benchmark results of running Couchbase workloads on Cisco UCS® Integrated Infrastructure.

Click on the image to download the solutions brief.


Posted by Keshav Murthy

Keshav Murthy is a Vice President at Couchbase R&D. Previously, he was at MapR, IBM, Informix, Sybase, with more than 20 years of experience in database design & development. He lead the SQL and NoSQL R&D team at IBM Informix. He has received two President's Club awards at Couchbase, two Outstanding Technical Achievement Awards at IBM. Keshav has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Mysore, India, holds ten US patents and has three US patents pending.

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