My colleagues have already told you a lot about how amazing Couchbase ConnectONLINE will be.

This free two-day tech conference is the premier event for exploring modern data, NoSQL technology and the cloud. John spoke about the need for modernization, Eric talked about why this conference is a must-attend for developers, and Tim showed you everything you’ll learn about cloud storage and computing at the conference.

At Couchbase Connect, you’ll get to interact and network with the brightest minds in database technology who will share real-world Couchbase use cases, the future of data trends, new Couchbase features, as well as what’s coming next in data management and application development.

Why You Should Attend the Database Platform Best Practices Track

While the agenda offers a lot to choose from, the Database Platform Best Practices track is your best bet to augment your development skills and teach you how Couchbase eliminates the gap between RDBMS and NoSQL databases.

If you’re interested in mastering the complexities of deploying distributed database applications, designing for scalability, optimizing indexes for query and search, and migrating from a relational database to Couchbase – then you won’t want to miss this track of sessions at Couchbase Connect.

There are 16 presentations in the Database Platform Best Practices track happening over two days, but I wanted to highlight some of the top sessions that I think you won’t want to miss.

Learn How to Migrate from Oracle to Couchbase

Migration from a relational database to a NoSQL database requires careful planning. That’s because there’s so many moving parts: data model conversion, data migration, client application modification and a detailed rollout process.

This session – Oracle to Couchbase Migration – gives you a quick preview of how your Oracle database would work in Couchbase instead. You’ll get to review different data model conversion patterns and learn how to easily migrate your Oracle database schema and data into Couchbase. Best of all, every step only uses tools that are readily available.

Master Offline-First Application Development

Offline-first is an app development paradigm that ensures none of your application functionality is affected by network connectivity.

In recent years, edge computing has gained a lot of traction due to business-critical applications that must be resilient in the face of network disruptions. Offline-first applications must use network bandwidth efficiently and must comply with data privacy regulations.

In this session – How to create your offline-first application in less than 15 minutes without coding – you’ll learn core edge computing concepts and how to deploy a mobile application quickly. In addition, you’ll see how Couchbase Mobile drastically reduces your mobile application time to market.

Take a Deep Dive into Multi-Document ACID Transactions

When expressing application logic, you’ll eventually need to modify individual data items across multiple documents. Denormalization for simplicity only gets you so far. After that, you require the atomicity, consistency, and isolation that comes only from ACID transactions.

Achieving ACID on a distributed system without sacrificing speed and performance is non-trivial, but the Couchbase approach to distributed multi-document transactions has what you need, with capabilities like:

    • MAV isolation
    • Multi-statement transaction support within the SQL++ query language
    • Performance observability to identify when any part of a distributed system might negatively impact your workload

You’ll come away from this session – All You Need to Know About Multi-Document ACID Transactions – knowing how to apply transactions to apps built on Couchbase alongside other non-transactional operations in a way that is expressive, easy to understand, and fits into your cloud deployment.

What Are You Waiting for?

I can tell you this: I’m looking forward to attending sessions in this track, networking with other database enthusiasts, and watching our amazing Customer Panel – which features Couchbase customers discussing their real-world challenges and triumphs of building business-critical applications powered by Couchbase.

With all this and more at Couchbase Connect, the bottom line question is: What are you waiting for?

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Posted by Rick Jacobs

Rick Jacobs is the Technical Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase. His varied background includes experience at many of the world’s leading organizations such as Computer Sciences Corporation, IBM, Cloudera etc. He comes with over 15 years of general technology experience garnered from serving in development, consulting, data science, sales engineering and technical marketing roles. He holds several academic degrees including an MS in Computational Science from George Mason University.

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