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Microsoft’s recent updates to Windows Azure have introduced a variety of new features, ranging from Git deployments to node.js apps to support for running virtual machines (with Linux too!).  These changes couple Azure’s existing Platform as a Service model with new Infrastructure as a Service features.  The new Azure is great news for developers, especially .NET developers who would like to deploy a cloud based ASP.NET app with a Couchbase cluster!

Jim O’Neil is one of two excellent Developer Evangelists for Microsoft here in the Northeast.  Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working with Jim to help him get a Couchbase based ASP.NET app up and running on the new Azure.  The result of our collaboration is available at Jim’s MSDN blog, in a multi-part article (link follows).   And by “collaboration” I mean to say that I assisted Jim with Couchbase questions and getting the sample app up and running.  Jim is responsible for the excellent content!

So if you’re looking for information on getting a Couchbase Server cluster up and running, Jim goes well beyond the basics in his writeup.  You’ll get some insight into how to design your network and how to keep your cluster secure.  You’ll also get a feel for how to handle cloud deployments of a Couchbase cluster.  Jim even includes a handy PowerShell script for managing your cluster.  Beyond that, Jim walks through setting up and installing TapMap, which I’ve updated to include more sample data.

Jim’s article –


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John Zablocki is a NET. SDK Developer at Couchbase. John is also the organizer of Beantown ALT.NET and a former adjunct at Fairfield University. You can also check out the book on Amazon named "Couchbase Essentials" which explains how to install and configure Couchbase Server.

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