Today we released Couchbase .NET Client version 1.3.2 1.3.3 which is a bug fix and stabilization release.

A couple of important fixes include:

  • Reducing the number of config changes by sorting the list before comparing the hash codes of the current and previous configurations.
  • Randomizing the bootstrap nodes so that clients use a different nodes to bootstrap from so that the load is distributed across the cluster and so that when cluster changes occurs and the clients need to re-configure, the “stampeding herd” effect is minimized.
  • Plus several smaller bug fixes and tweaks that improve the performance or stability of the client. Full release notes can be found here.

Community Contributions

We also had a several community contributions to the tune of bug reports files in Jira and from our Question and Answer page, plus a couple of pull requests from Github! A big THANK YOU to those individuals who took the time to fill out a bug report of feature request, community involvement is incredibly important for an open source project!

An extra special shout out to bchavez and sdir456 who contributed pull requests:

Both of which made it into this release. Please keep the contributions and community involvement coming, it’s much appreciated!

The binaries can be found here and on Nuget or installed by typing the following into your Nuget shell:

PM> Install-Package CouchbaseNetClient

Next up I will go over the details of Streaming HTTP Configuration for the upcoming .NET 2.X client.


Posted by Jeff Morris, Senior Software Engineer, Couchbase

Jeff Morris is a Senior Software Engineer at Couchbase. Prior to joining Couchbase, Jeff spent six years at Source Interlink as an Enterprise Web Architect. Jeff is responsible for the development of Couchbase SDKs and how to integrate with N1QL (query language).

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