I’m excited to share that the Couchbase Mobile team will be heading to Bangalore for the next few weeks to speak at the Mobile Developer Summit, meet with developer groups, host a variety of hands-on workshops, and spend time with as many mobile developers as we can.

If you’re in the area and want to learn more about Couchbase Mobile, we invite you to attend one of our events below or drop us a note.

15 – 16 October

Mobile Developer Summit

Wayne Carter, Chief Architect of Mobile, and I will be speaking at the Mobile Developer Summit on “Building Mobile Apps with Awesome Online/Offline UX”. Couchbase Mobile will also have a booth at the event, so if you’re attending then check out the talk and stop by the booth (we’re giving away a lot of cool stuff!)

17 October

Bangalore Android User Group Workshop, 9:30

Bangalore iOS User Group Workshop, 15:00

We will lead a hands-on workshop and build a mobile app from scratch that works online and offline. You can RSVP for either workshop through the group.

20 October

Hands-on Lab at PES University

We look forward to meeting with Engineering students at PES University to take them through the Couchbase Mobile product and a hands-on lab where we will build a mobile app with Couchbase Mobile.

You can follow us on Twitter at @CouchbaseMobile or @Ali_LeClerc where we’ll provide updates on where we are and what we’re doing. We hope to meet you in Bangalore!


Posted by Ali LeClerc, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile, Couchbase

Ali LeClerc is the Product Marketing Manager for Couchbase Mobile, where she manages and executes the worldwide marketing strategy for their mobile products. She joined Couchbase in 2011 to drive open source product adoption and awareness. Prior to her time at Couchbase, Ali held multiple marketing positions at Time Warner. She earned a bachelor's degree from Yale University in political science.

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