We take a lot of pride in being an open source company.

Take a look at our main GitHub org and Couchbase Labs: everything we do is in the open. Most Couchbasers also have an open source background and even those from other backgrounds soon find the open source way irresistable.

Part of being an open source company is having an honest and open conversation with our community.

I'm lucky to be on the team that spends most of its time speaking to developers and helping to make the Couchbase community a great place for everyone.

That team's name? Albert Eins… Oh, no, I mean Developer Advocacy.

I'd like to introduce you to my colleagues and let you know how to get in touch with us.

Where to find us online

First up, you can always find us on IRC. On Freenode we have two main channels:

  • #couchbase: for general Couchbase talk

  • #libcouchbase: specifically for the Couchbase SDKs.


If you don't need us in real-time there are also:


Another great way to keep up with all Couchbase community news is in our newsletter.

Where to find us in person

There are Couchbase meet-up groups in cities the world over. They're run both by us lot at Couchbase and also by other people in the Couchbase community. You'll always find a Couchbase Developer Advocate at their local meet-up and often at others around the world.


Our team

The Couchbase Developer Advocacy team is spread across North America and Europe. Here's who we are!

Matt Ingenthron: Matt runs the Developer Advocacy team globally.

Bio: Matt was the first to join the co-founders at Couchbase's predecessor, Membase.  This means he's been in the data management revolution for over six years! Before that he was a software guy involved in systems and Java at Sun Microsystems.

Location: Orange County, CA (though he's in Mountain View a lot of the time)

IRC handle: ingenthr

Twitter: @ingenthr


Laura Czajkowski: Laura is our Developer Community Manager, working with the Couchbase community globally.

Bio: Laura has been active in open source communities since 2000. She has also served four years on the Ubuntu Local council and currently sits as an elected Ubuntu Member on the Community Council.

Location: London

IRC handle: czajkowski

Twitter: @czajkowski


William Hoang: William is our Mobile Developer Advocate for the East Coast USA and Canada.

Bio: William joined us from Twitter and before that he was at Blackberry and Microsoft. He loves coffee and coffee-shop culture.

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Twitter handle: @sweetiewill


Matthew Revell: that's me and I lead the Developer Advocacy team in EMEA.

Bio: I've been around the open source world for a while now. I spent six years at Ubuntu sponsor Canonical. Today, my spare time hobby is running a scalability conference called Span.

Location: London

IRC handle: mrevell

Twitter handle: @matthewrevell


Laurent Doguin: Laurent is our Developer Advocate for France and Southern Europe.

Bio: Laurent listens to metal, codes in Java and writes blog posts in Markdown. Before Couchbase he was Technical Evangelist at Nuxeo, the open souce document management company.

Location: Paris

Twitter handle: @ldoguin


Martin Esmann: Martin is our Developer Advocate specialising in .NET.

Bio: Martin loves Lego, parkour, kayaking, swimming, roller-skates, scuba/sports diving and climbing. He joined Couchbase from a stint as a .NET contractor and, previously, as a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

Location: Copenhagen

Twitter handle: @martinesmann


James Nocentini: James is the Couchbase Mobile Developer Advocate for EMEA.

Bio: James was working on mobile and front-end at Skoobr.com, before Couchbase. He is a big productivity tool geek and loves learning about prototyping and design.

Location: London

Twitter: @jamiltz

Join us

Come find us at meet-ups, conferences and online; we'd love to say hello and talk Couchbase.

Also, we're looking for people to join our team in the Bay area, so if you're interested in working with Couchbase then take a look at our job ad.


Posted by Matthew Revell, Lead Developer Advocate, EMEA, Couchbase

Matthew Revell is a Lead Dev Advocate, EMEA Couchbase. He developed a global strategy for putting Couchbase front in the minds of the product's developers.

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