Woohoo! Couchbase continues to receive recognition for delivering excellence to its customers!

G2, the popular peer-to-peer review site, released its 2022 Spring Reports after gathering extensive feedback from enterprise customers last month. We are proud and honored to announce that Couchbase was recognized in several categories. Selection as a leader is determined by customer satisfaction, based on user reviews of our products, and market presence, based on market share, seller size, and social impact.

Couchbase was recognized as a leader in the following categories:

  • Leader in Document Databases Grid
  • Leader in Enterprise Document Databases Grid
  • Leader in Document Databases Momentum Grid
  • Leader in Key Value Databases Grid
  • Leader in Enterprise Key-Value Databases Grid
  • Leader in Key Value Databases Momentum Grid
  • Best Support in Mid Market for Key-Value Databases

Couchbase recognized as leader in database products companies

We believe the combination of our product and our values is what makes us stand out, and we are humbled that our customers continue to recognize the value of Couchbase. 

To read what our customers are saying about Couchbase and see how we compare in the market, check out the Couchbase page on G2. If you are an existing customer, please leave a review and let us know how we’re doing!

Couchbase reviews and ratings on G2.com

Comprehensive Couchbase ratings from real customers on G2.com


Posted by Daniela Chesser, Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Senior Customer Marketing Manager, Couchbasze

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