Customer analytics is vital for just about any industry or market segment. By understanding how your customers behave and interact with your organization, you are able to better learn and serve from the interactions. In order to get the full view your customer, you may need to bring in unconventional sources like web-centric data, combine it with conventional data from your data warehouse and perform advanced analytics like geospatial analysis and sentiment analysis.

Today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Couchbase. HP Vertica and CouchBase have combined forces to offer complete data lifecycle analytics for customer data. CouchBase is a powerful platform to capture and analyze data that falls outside a traditional schema or other rigid data structures. The power of CouchBase is in its ability to help you embrace the web to create online applications and store your dynamic customer data in JSON format.

By combing CouchBase with HP Vertica, we offer both an easier method to analyze unstructured data and a massively scalable, SQL-based database for structured information. The pair provides an ideal environment for the convergence of traditional data warehouse analytical capabilities and new data structures. It offers distributed R for predictive analytics, full ANSI SQL, and the capability to create advanced analytics using custom logic and user-defined extensions.

Use cases include:

  • Retail — A combined solution will help drive customer analytics. Loyalty programs, customer tracking solutions, and market research, when combined with sales and inventory data, provides rich insights that drive decisions around products, promotions, price, and distribution management.
  • Online & Mobile — Analyzing clickstream data provides rich insight into which pages are effective and which pages site visitors ignore. When combined with sales and conversion data, clickstream analysis can help you discover the most effective series of steps needed to encourage conversions, sales, and add-on purchases.
  • Financial Services — Financial institutions are using customer analytics to understand the lifetime value of customers, increase cross-sales, and manage customer attrition, among other programs. The ability to understand how customers use different banking programs – credit and debit cards, mortgages and loans, and online banking tools – enables financial services companies to develop targeted campaigns and value added offers that increase customer satisfaction and profits.

Of course, both CouchBase and Vertica can scale to handle massive quantities of big data when needed. CouchBase and HP Vertica work together to offer big data customer analytics for just about any scale and any source.

To try Couchbase Server, you can download it from here:

To try Vertica Community Edition, you can download it from here:


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