Welcome to the fourth episode of Coffee on Couchbase where we learn from Developers from around the world that are creating interesting projects.

In the first part of this series, Brian Zubert of ScoreMore, walks us through how he and his development team created a mobile stats tracking app that implemented the concepts of “MoneyBall” which has now become part of baseball’s lexicon.  Being able to not only capture a baseball game’s data but also help align and optimize a team’s performance is exactly what the ScoreMore app provides.

Powered by Couchbase Mobile, we explore how an actual game would be created and how a baseball team’s members would be optimally positioned to be at bat.  The actual tracking of individual player’s batting outcome is simple to input using ScoreMore and is entirely stored using Couchbase.  The datapoints are then visually presented on screen to show player tendencies in a spray chart.  Through code, we see how those particular Views are created using JavaScript and how the value or player data is stored in an array within a given document type.  With baseball stadiums being mostly located in remote areas, the use of Couchbase Mobile’s Sync feature is particularly fitting for when cell coverage or internet connectivity is not available.

We will cover more in depth the ORM strategies of ScoreMore and how Spray Chart Views are generated in our next blog but in the meantime, you can “Batter Up!” and download the ScoreMore baseball app across the various platforms for Android, iOS, and BlackBerry.


Posted by William Hoang, Mobile Developer Advocate, Couchbase

William was a Developer Advocate on the Mobile Engineering/Developer Experience team at Couchbase. His love for coffee and code has transcended him into the world of mobile while appreciating the offline in-person experiences. Prior, William worked on the Developer Relations team over at Twitter, BlackBerry, and Microsoft while also having been a Software Embedded GPS engineer at Research In Motion. William graduated from McGill University in Electrical Software Engineering

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