If you’re a JavaScript developer, I hope you know about the JavaScript & Friends conference.

The JS & Friends conference is a diverse group of around 200 JavaScript developers and friends who get together to learn new skills and concepts and to network and develop new relationships. JS & Friends was virtual this year and last year (’20 and ’21) because of the COVID-19 pandemic, of course.

At this year’s conference, I presented on “A Better Development Experience with Ottoman JS” (skip directly there if you want). Here’s what else made it a great experience for JavaScript developers of every skill level.

Ottoman JS, an ODM built for Couchbase and Node.js

Keynote Recap: Blitz JS and More

I think it was apt that this year’s keynote at JS & Friends was about the changes we are seeing in the fullstack JavaScript with React space.

Brandon Bayer – whom I had the opportunity to host his debut of Blitz JS at ReactEurope 2020 – delivered this year’s keynote address: The Dawning of a New Age for Fullstack React.

Keynote by Brandon Bayer of Blitz JS

JS & Friends Keynote by Brandon Bayer of Blitz JS

Brandon has gone from obscure React library developer to a thought leader in the fullstack React community. Blitz JS combines the server and client into one application and harkens back to the days of Ruby on Rails, but this framework is all about the JavaScript from the client to server.

In his keynote, Brandon covered the timeline of fullstack React over time showing that between 2013 to 2020 the ability to get a project set up – with a database, API and client – required a lot of configuration and tough decisions.

In 2020 when both Blitz JS and Redwood JS came on the scene – in the timeframe of about a month – they changed the landscape. These frameworks come complete with a CLI that gets you up and running with a full stack JavaScript application running your database of choice and an API with endpoints.

My Talk: A Better Development Experience with Ottoman JS

At this year’s conference, I presented on: “A Better Development Experience with Ottoman JS.” (Click to watch the full video.)

Eric Bishard's talk on Ottoman JS at the JavaScript and Friends conference

In my talk, I covered:

    • Why Couchbase?
    • JSON data modeling for a document data store
    • An introduction to Ottoman JS – an ODM built for Couchbase and Node.js
    • A complete code demo

Other Great Talks at JS & Friends

There were a lot of other amazing talks at this year’s JS & Friends – plenty of others that are all available on the JavaScript & Friends YouTube channel. Listed below are some of the talks I found most interesting:


If you’re a JavaScript developer looking to learn more about Couchbase, you can find additional resources at www.couchbase.com/developers/. (Node.js devs start here.)

If you have any questions about getting started with Ottoman JS or any of the tech here at Couchbase, feel free to DM me on Twitter.



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