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Volker Mische is a Software Engineer, Couchbase. He is in the view-engine team working mostly in Erlang, C/C++ to improve the geospatial & mapreduce indexing.

GeoCouch: Bulk Insertion

The new release of GeoCouch improves the spatial index building time a lot (up to 10x). This comes from using a new bulk insertion algorithm. The spatial index (an R-tree) is implemented as an append-only data structure — just as CouchDB’s B-trees are —...

New release: GeoCouch as Extension

A new milestone has been reached: GeoCouch is now an extension for CouchDB that can be easily installed with your already running instance of CouchDB. Installing the GeoCouch extension is as easy as using the GeoCouch Git-based source with your...

What’s up with the Python Couchbase SDK

Recently, there have been a few new versions of the Couchbase Python client available. It features a new API that is easier to use. As the SDK is now based on libcouchbase, it is also much faster. It’s also compatible with...