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I am a professional Software Developer with over 27 years with substantial development experience in iOS (Objective-C/Swift), Android (Kotlin/Java), SpringBoot(Java/Kotlin), .NET (C#)/ASP.NET, and Xamarin. I consider programming my biggest hobby and I enjoy writing mobile apps. I grew up on the L’Anse Indian Reservation in Michigan and I’m a member of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. My spirit animal is the Owl. In my free time when I’m not coding or spending time with my family and dogs - I’m a guitar player, goblin slayer, lootz horder, wood working newbie, fishing nut, and DM of multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. You can find more about me at https://www.github.com/biozal/

Reuse SQL Queries between Server & Mobile App Databases

Reuse SQL Queries between Server & Mobile App Databases

As we all know, code is expensive to maintain—the more complex the code, the higher the cost of maintaining it. Therefore, since the beginning of time, software developers have worked very hard to achieve the goal of code reusability. Couchbase...

Aaron LaBeau March 14, 2022