About Betfair


bits per minute processed


countries supported

4 million

funded accounts served


    • Oracle was difficult and expensive to adapt for object-oriented languages, scalability, and continuous deliverability
    • Betfair was using numerous NoSQL solutions that weren’t optimal for their use cases
    • Had to process volatile data sets for real-time betting for millions of users


    • Easy-to-use database for developers and operations, plus the ideal infrastructure for virtualization and cloud
    • Improved performance, flexibility, and scalability of NoSQL deployments
    • Betfair processes over 30,000 bets per minute across 140 countries for more than 4 million accounts
Couchbase Server is designed for massively concurrent data use and consistently high throughput. It provides consistent sub-millisecond response times which help ensure an enjoyable experience for application users.

Alexandru Objelean Senior Software Engineer, Betfair

Maccabai logo Use case

  • Shopping cart
  • Session store
  • User profile database
  • Entitlement management

Maccabai logo Key Features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication
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