Improve employee productivity in the field

Deliver a responsive experience for your employees in the field

Enabling employees in the field means arming them with responsive applications that work all the time, regardless of network availability. But that’s a hard problem to solve if you have to pull data from multiple sources into one platform and then “edgify” that data, making it available to those employees both online and offline. The Couchbase Data Platform provides a single platform that can manage data collected from different sources, push that data out to the edge, and make sure that data is always available, both online and offline.

Siloed Data


Managing critical business data in disparate systems makes it difficult to access and integrate data. And as datasets emerge from increasingly varied sources and grow larger, capturing and storing that data and bringing it to your remote workforce becomes more challenging.


With Couchbase:
Manage business data from one platform


Eliminate database sprawl with one single platform that spans field service applications and powers web and mobile applications. The Couchbase Data Platform manages and delivers business-critical data to your remote workforce so they can focus on getting their jobs done.


Offline-first is hard to achieve

It’s hard to architect data management solutions that bring centrally managed data to the edge. And then making sure that data is always available, both online and offline, is difficult and costly. Existing applications built with connected architectures (such as RESTful) do not meet availability and performance needs.


With Couchbase:
Apps work online and offline

The Couchbase Data Platform manages data from datacenter to device, taking care of the storage, synchronization, and security of your data. It includes built-in sync and an embedded database for your mobile devices so that you can deliver an always-on experience for your mobile users, even with spotty networks and dropped connections.

Security at the edge


Data security outside the cloud, such as over the web and on devices, is hard to define and contain, especially if you also have to manage data flowing in from other sources.

With Couchbase:
Secure and manage edge data with ease

Safeguard your company’s data with built-in enterprise-grade security from cloud to edge. With Couchbase, you can manage access control and maintain security for data that’s on the web, on device, or elsewhere outside the cloud.

Industry Use Cases

customer 360

Travel & Hospitality

Power remote employee/crew services applications, asset/fleet tracking, and more.

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catalog & inventory management


Build robust manufacturing/logistics applications with services like asset tracking, device management, and more.

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catalog & inventory management


Power next-gen healthcare applications with device management, patient health portals, work order management, health activity logging, medical record management, and more.

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catalog & inventory management

Financial Services

Give your field the ability to report claims, manage fraud prevention, power location-based offers, and collect financial/insurance data in the field regardless of network connection.

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Reference Architecture



Sample Field Service reference architecture that includes user profile management, device management, operational dashboarding to report on real-time job stats,The Couchbase Data Platform manages data from data center to device.




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