Real-time server-side event processing

Couchbase Eventing is a highly available, performant, and scalable service which enables user-defined business logic to be triggered in real time on the server when application interactions create changes in data. Eventing makes it easy to develop, deploy, and maintain data-driven business logic via a centralized platform. Natively integrated with Couchbase, it requires no third-party solutions to license or new DataOps skills to manage.


Streamline your business by managing business logic closer to the data

Difficulty capturing changes

Business requirements and workflows change constantly, and developers find it difficult to capture and propogate these changes across all business-critical applications in a timely manner.

Unreliable execution at scale

It’s difficult to develop the infrastructure that can reliably execute changing business logic under high-velocity changes in data.

Inconsistent business logic

When data-driven business logic is not managed centrally, maintaining consistency across multiple server components and client applications is difficult, especially when those applications are managed by different business owners.

Manage data-driven business logic

Highly performant and reliable Eventing service from Couchbase

Unmatched agility and flexibility

Leveraging familiar JavaScript programming along with an interactive visual debugger, Couchbase Eventing makes it easier for developers to build, test, and maintain data-driven business functions closer to the data.

Unparalleled performance at scale

Couchbase Eventing is built on our highly available and performant infrastructure, which guarantees the execution of business logic even under heavy workloads. This allows customers to easily resize their cluster(s) by leveraging Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) to meet growing usage needs and scale on demand.

Easily manage data-driven functions

Centrally develop, manage, and deploy data-driven business logic in a seamless environment to consolidate and lower administrative overhead.

"What we have done is abstracted away the infrastructure layer from the developers through the power of JavaScript. They don’t have to worry about configuration and infrastructure – they just code and deploy."

Venkat Subramanian, Product Manager, Couchbase

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