Real-time server-side event processing

The Eventing Service abstracts away infrastructure concerns, allowing developers to focus solely on business logic to handle data changes. Typical use cases include enriching documents, cascade deletes, generating threshold-based alerts, propagating data changes inside a database, and interacting with external REST endpoints.

Streamline your business by managing business logic closer to the data

Eventing key capabilities

Eventing enables real-time data mutation management, alert setting, and data change propagation without third-party tools. You can improve business workflows using an event-condition-action model, and can reduce technical barriers and infrastructure costs.

Unmatched agility and flexibility

Familiar JavaScript programming and an interactive visual debugger make it easier for developers to build, test, and maintain data-driven business functions closer to the data.

Unparalleled performance at scale

Our highly available and performant infrastructure guarantees the execution of business logic even under heavy workloads. You can use our Multi-Dimensional Scaling (MDS) to easily resize your clusters and scale on demand.

Easily manage data-driven functions

Centrally develop, manage, and deploy data-driven business logic in a seamless environment to consolidate and lower your administrative overhead.

What customers are saying

Data logic? Try Eventing.

Use database functions to trigger actions based on changes to application data.