Systems Integrator

Infosys & Couchbase

As a distributed NoSQL cloud database, Couchbase is specifically designed to provide the versatility, performance, scalability, and value businesses need to modernize their applications. With over four decades of experience managing the systems of global enterprises, Infosys is the perfect partner to expertly steer customers through their digital transformation journeys.

Modernize with Infosys and Couchbase

Working together, Couchbase and Infosys provide customers with innovative and cost-efficient solutions for legacy and mainframe database modernization, centers of excellence, cloud-native architecture, and infrastructure as code.

Couchbase delivers the ideal platform for modern systems and applications through a single database that fuses together the greatest strengths of relational and NoSQL. Infosys partners closely with Couchbase to ensure that your integration is optimized with best practices for your specific use cases and timeline.

"Couchbase is a strategic partner for Infosys and plays a significant role in our Modernization practice. The Infosys Modernization Suite (IMS), part of Infosys Cobalt offerings, leverages the power of Couchbase to modernize our clients' legacy monoliths into scalable, high performance microservices-based applications. We participated in the Couchbase Server 7 beta program and have developed a set of advanced database migration toolsets that leverage new features such as scopes and collections and enhanced SQL transactions to offer our mutual clients an accelerated and lower cost path to digital transformation."

Shaji Mathew

Executive Vice President, Infosys

"Infosys partners closely with Couchbase to power new digital transformation initiatives at our Fortune 1000 clients."

Gautam Khanna

VP – Global Head, Modernization Practice, Infosys