Couchbase Mobile

The NoSQL database for mobile.


What is Couchbase Mobile?

Couchbase Mobile is the NoSQL database for building fast, powerful and secure mobile and web apps. With a fully-integrated embedded database, real-time synchronization, enterprise-level security, and highly scalable database server, Couchbase Mobile lets you focus on creating amazing apps for your users instead of worrying about data management, networking, security, and scaling your datastore.

Couchbase Mobile products...give our developer community a platform to write more robust, responsive and available applications in a fraction of the time it used to take.

Miguel de Icaza Co-founder and CTO, Xamarin
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Couchbase Mobile has a consistent set of APIs and capabilities that span the entire application stack from the device to the cloud.


Synchronization (Sync Gateway)

Sync Gateway is built-in for replicating data between the embedded database and the database server. It includes multi-master replication, and both automatic and custom conflict resolution. It also supports peer-to-peer replication.


Embedded Database (Couchbase Lite)

Couchbase Lite manages and stores data locally on the device in a document-oriented JSON format. It has full CRUD, query, and indexing functionality, all from a native API. Couchbase Lite has a small footprint at 500KB and supports all major device platforms.



Built-in enterprise level security includes user authentication, user and role based data read/write access control (RBAC), secure transport over TLS, and 256-bit AES full database encryption.



Data change events allow you to subscribe to notifications when data changes in the database. Events are raised on the device and server whenever data changes.



REST APIs provide full programmatic access for reading and writing data over the web. Input and output is JSON, making it easy to integrate with existing apps and REST architectures.


Stream & Batch API

Stream and Batch APIs enable low latency access to streams of data changes and bulk get and put operations. These APIs balance latency, throughput and fault-tolerance, providing comprehensive management of batch data while using stream processing to provide real-time access to data changes.



Couchbase Mobile uses JSON as its lightweight and flexible data modeling language. All data is stored and transmitted as JSON – the embedded database, the database server, REST APIs, stream APIs, and batch APIs.


Database Server

Couchbase Mobile includes Couchbase Server, a NoSQL database server that manages and stores data in the cloud in a document-oriented JSON format. It scales easily to billions of records and terabytes of data, and it provides sub-millisecond response time for reads and writes.

Use Cases

Use Cases

Meet the requirements of multiple use cases with a single general-purpose database.

Offline data access

You can’t afford to have customers or employees cut off from important transactions just because an app temporarily goes offline. That means your mobile apps need to work regardless of network connection. Couchbase Mobile’s embedded database (Couchbase Lite) stores data locally so your app isn’t dependent on the network. If a network connection is lost, data is automatically synced from the cloud to the device when the network is restored.

Local caching

Today’s mobile applications require fast access to data. By storing and caching application data locally in the embedded Couchbase Lite database, you eliminate the need to constantly request data from the server. You can synchronize data automatically with Sync Gateway.

Digitization of paper assets

Reducing operational time and costs is critical for any business, and mobile application deployments can be a key component of making it happen. By digitizing paper assets, you save time and resources, reduce storage, and cut logistics costs. Product or service information, customer documentation, and manifests or invoices are just a few of many paper assets that can go digital with Couchbase Mobile.

Content delivery and storage

Guaranteed delivery and storage of assets is crucial for a great user experience. Whether you’re working with product orders, electronic tickets, reservations, service requests, or customer profiles, Couchbase Mobile gives you the ability to store information locally so content is always available for you and your customers.

Real-time asset tracking

Real-time asset tracking is a key requirement in mobile applications across many industries. Tracking data can be shared with supervisors to keep them updated on shipments, routing, service orders, ETAs, or anything else in real time with Couchbase Mobile.

Peer-to-peer device usage

Connect devices directly to each other with peer-to-peer replication. Employees and customers can connect to exchange information, and their apps will continue to work and share data regardless of Internet availability.

User Data and Preferences Storage

Securely store and sync user data like preferences, profiles, sign-in, game state and more across devices. Whether it’s for a game, CRM system, or e-commerce app, Couchbase Mobile gives your users a consistent experience across all of their devices.



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