About Verizon and Couchbase

In 2015, the global communications company Verizon launched ThingSpace, an innovative IoT development platform for its enterprise customers. To enable the real-time dashboards, reports, notifications, alerts, and other capabilities its customers require, Verizon needs a highly available environment that never goes down. Verizon also has to scale the solution to support the exponential growth of IoT devices in the system, along with the unique data and reporting required for each customer. Verizon’s legacy RDBMS simply couldn’t meet the challenge – its response times were slow and unpredictable, stored procedure optimization was overly complex, and time-to-market for new features was too long. Couchbase met every requirement with predictable performance, horizontal scalability, and a flexible data model that makes it easy to add new functionality on a continuous basis. Couchbase’s cross datacenter (XDCR) functionality also makes it easy for Verizon to connect two active-active data centers for high availability. Today, Verizon uses Couchbase clusters to sustain 3.5 million operations per second.

About Verizon

Verizon Communications Inc., headquartered in New York City, has a diverse workforce of nearly 162,700 and generated nearly $132 billion in 2015 revenues. Verizon operates America's most reliable wireless network, with 113.2 million retail connections nationwide. The company also provides communications and entertainment services over mobile broadband and the nation's premiere all-fiber network, and delivers integrated business solutions to customers worldwide.


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Keynote: Powering web, mobile, and IoT for the Digital Economy – Couchbase Connect 2016

Keynote: Powering web, mobile, and IoT for the Digital Economy – Couchbase Connect 2016

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