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Today’s telecommunication providers must manage a staggering amount of data that’s being generated every second of every day, in addition to supporting their OSS, BSS, and OTT applications. Couple that with the pressure to deliver value-add services for customers who can easily switch to a competitor, and you have an application environment that demands speedy, contextualized, and hyper-personalized data, delivered wherever that consumer is located and any moment. Users are now geographically dispersed and absorbed in their mobile devices while 5G is also enabling micro-edge compute environments everywhere. That’s why these companies are leveraging Couchbase – to aggregate silos of data from different service offerings, to offload their mainframe, or to architect brand-new applications that will eventually be used by hundreds of millions of user profiles. From managing call records, subscriber information, billing, and value-add services to streaming media, Couchbase keeps up with the agility, performance, and always-on requirements these applications demand.

Customer success spotlight

Europe’s largest media company Sky, uses XDCR to reduce sign-in time by 50% for 20 million daily customers, and cut disaster recovery time from hours to minutes.

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Europe's largest media company cut customer sign-in time by 50%

Comcast uses Couchbase to improve customer experience for 100K support users and deliver unified support by managing 210M+ subscriber documents. Comcast customer support manages over 210M subscriber interaction documents.

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100K support users
210M+ subscriber documents

DirecTV runs Couchbase to support over 150M global users, while running over 1M ops/sec.

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>150M global users
1M ops/sec

Viber replaced Redis and MongoDB™ with Couchbase to support user profile, offline message storage, push-to-talk, and more for over 530M users, reducing its total number of servers by more than half.

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Replaced Redis and MongoDB™
>530M users

Why Couchbase NoSQL for telecommunications

Scale: Easier, more affordable scalability

Couchbase’s network-centric architecture with a high-performance replication backbone allows the database to be elastically extended while maintaining performance at scale. Unlike relational databases like Oracle and MySQL, Couchbase supports ever-increasing workloads and spikes in throughput demands. Couchbase scales (in, out, up, or down) easily and without disruption to meet these demands. Unlike MongoDB, Couchbase won’t run out of steam when you need it most. See how Verizon’s ThingSpace platform scales to support millions of connected devices.

Performance: Better performance than any other database

While many NoSQL databases like MongoDB require a third-party cache – adding to both cost and complexity – Couchbase has a fully integrated read-through and write-through caching layer built in. Couchbase’s memory- and network-centric architecture consistently delivers the sub-millisecond responsiveness that today’s users expect. Telefónica, a global telecommunications provider, supports 50M hits per day on its video-on-demand services.

Availability: Built-in high availability and disaster recovery

Couchbase provides five-nines availability with built-in highly available clustering and flexible cross datacenter replication (XDCR) capabilities that supports disaster recovery and data locality requirements. With Couchbase, you have full control over the topology – unidirectional, bidirectional, or any configuration you need. KDDI, one of the largest Japanese telecom companies, uses Couchbase to power its Business ID service which requires high availability for their millions of users.

Mobile: Integrated 5G mobile and micro-edge computing capabilities

Couchbase is the only NoSQL database with built-in mobile and edge computing support. Couchbase Mobile extends Couchbase Server to the edge with an embedded NoSQL database (Couchbase Lite) through our web synchronization gateway(s) (Sync Gateway), enabling apps to work offline regardless of network availability, and powering use cases at the edge such as personalization, peer-to-peer messaging and sharing, and more.

Flexibility: Move to the cloud, lower costs, and speed time to market

Couchbase drives application flexibility, which allows dynamic user profiles. For example, a schema can be controlled by the application rather than the DBA. When new attributes need to be added, the flexibility of the JSON structure shines. Add to this new logical organizing structures in the database called “Scopes and Collections” and you have an intuitive way to map relational database structures into NoSQL, while capitalizing on the team’s expertise in SQL. Applications become even more user-friendly with tightly integrated full-text search, real-time analytics, and powerful eventing services that make it easy to add features to your application without moving data across myriad database interfaces. Couchbase supports hybrid and multicloud deployments across clouds from AWS, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and more.

Analytics: Integrated, parallel processing analytics allows you to build intelligence into your applications

The Analytics service consolidates data from multiple Couchbase clusters, combines data from AWS S3 or cloud warehouses, and simplifies extracting insights from operational systems. Run ad hoc queries on data for real-time results and apply real-time analytics to monitor your applications.

Industry use cases & solutions

Content entitlement

Manage entitlements with hyper-personalization, subscription-based access, content encryption keys, and parental controls.

Mobile messaging

Store user profiles and messages, and scale to meet demand as user activity increases.

Rate limiting

Measure the usage of data and services in real time, then trigger events when limits are reached to enhance sales of add-ons.

Location manager

Send users targeted content, like personalized program guides or streaming recommendations, based on their device locations.

Identity platform

Securely manage user IDs using JSON storage and cross data center replication for performance, reliability, and scalability.

Customer 360

Capture omnichannel engagements to create a single view and provide real-time, personalized data, updates, and offers at every touchpoint.

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Catalog and inventory management

Deliver catalog and inventory data at scale to keep up with changing content.

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Field service

Give employees the ability to provide or collect data at the source, whether it’s a customer visit or in store.

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IoT data management

Leverage connected devices to deliver content and personalized offers to users in real time.

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Why Couchbase for telecommunications services

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