Chicago is home to the shiny Bean or better known as, ‘Cloud Gate’ and to the historical Wrigley Field of the Chicago Cubs.  From art, to music, to acclaim architectures around the city, Chicago is a beautiful city full of culture and history; not to mention delicious Chicago-style hot dog and pizzas!  But also great technology is brewing in Chicago and we are heading over for Couchbase Mobile Day Chicago to share in a Free day-long tech education event with the community!

On Tuesday December 1st, come join us over workshops and presentations to learn about Couchbase Mobile.  You may RSVP and see the full agenda which include hands-on Couchbase Mobile topics that I will be going over throughout the day.  You will learn how to build mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms that sync in the background and have offline mobile data storage as a feature.

Topics Include:

  • Couchbase Mobile Overview
  • Getting Started
  • Hands-on Lab
  • Couchbase Lite
  • Couchbase Sync Gateway
  • Live Query & Synchronization

You will learn how to get started with Couchbase Mobile and we will go over the amazing new features of Couchbase Mobile along with Couchbase Server for fast, consistent access to data on device that does not depend on a network connection.  If you are a mobile developer, architect or operations expert who is new to NoSQL and Couchbase or want to learn more, then this event is for you!


To get started, there are some prerequisites that may take some time to download and install on the day and you may get a head start by preparing ahead of time.  You may also arrive at 8:30AM on December 1st for any help with getting started and installing with the below items.

Setup VirtualBox & Vagrant:

Vagrant allows for virtualization of various system configurations and makes it easy to work with virtual machines.  For us here in the Couchbase Mobile Day, Vagrant will automatically set up the same require environments for us with server software and have us focus primarily on developing for mobile application on iOS and Android.  Install the latest versions of VirtualBox and Vagrant for your platform.  Below I am running the commands on my MacBook but if you are using Windows then make sure to run the command prompt as Administrator.  Verify that we have the vagrant command in our path by opening up Terminal and execute:


The two things you need to manage and spin a virtual machine with Vagrant are:

  1. The Vagrant File:  Defines what hardware to spin up to Vagrant
  2. Provision File:  Defines what to do on the machine to Vagrant

These will be provided on the day of the hands-on lab and the ‘Vagrantfile’ file tells Vagrant how to configure the virtual hardware of your development machine to allow for developing Couchbase Mobile applications.

Download Couchbase Server & Sync Gateway:

Couchbase Server allows us to store our data in the cloud and Couchbase Sync Gateway provides the mechanism to abstract away the data orchestration layer for our Mobile client between device and the data store in the cloud.  To begin, read the high level overview on the features of Couchbase Mobile to obtain the knowledge of the components that we will be working with on the day.  We will go over on how to get started with each of these components to create an app.

Event Location

You may reach me over on Twitter and hope to see everyone at the event!  The location can be found on Google Maps where the address is at the beautiful:

Thompson Chicago Hotel

21 E. Bellevue Place

Chicago, IL 60611



Posted by William Hoang, Mobile Developer Advocate, Couchbase

William was a Developer Advocate on the Mobile Engineering/Developer Experience team at Couchbase. His love for coffee and code has transcended him into the world of mobile while appreciating the offline in-person experiences. Prior, William worked on the Developer Relations team over at Twitter, BlackBerry, and Microsoft while also having been a Software Embedded GPS engineer at Research In Motion. William graduated from McGill University in Electrical Software Engineering

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