Couchbase Community Edition (CE) is great but has some limits.
Capella, fully managed Database-as-a-Service, delivers excellent overall value.

  • Lower total cost of ownership(TCO), infrastructure costs, and management efforts
  • Enhanced product capabilities with improved scalability and performance
  • Live access to our Support team and available Professional Services

Lower total cost of ownership

Though CE’s license is free, Capella drives down TCO by eliminating most of your operational and team costs, while also reducing technology costs.

Developers Operational Costs

  • Operational management
  • Support efforts
  • Scaling tasks
  • Upgrades processes
  • Failover management
  • Backup management
  • Monitoring steps

Developers Team Costs

  • Cloud DevOps team
  • Implementing best practices
  • Managing day-to-day operations like failover, rebalance, and security
  • Maintaining monitoring software and other extensions

Developers Technology Costs

  • Cloud instances
  • Storage
  • Networking: Load balancers, gateways
  • Security tools
  • Monitoring

Capella’s faster performance can save you money

We recently tested 5 nodes of Capella versus 5 nodes of CE using the YCSB benchmarking standards. Capella is up to 3 times more efficient than CE, with overall lower latency. Those performance improvements mean that Capella can match CE performance with less hardware, reducing your costs.

How does Capella deliver more value?

Capella offers customers the value of Enterprise Edition as a fully managed service. Customers get more capabilities, better performance, less risk, less management effort, and more.

Fully managed

With CE, users do all the management. As a service, Capella manages the infrastructure, database, scaling, rebalancing, backup, maintenance, etc.

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Scaling, HA, and DR

Go beyond CE’s 5 nodes with Capella’s limitless scaling, HA with geo-replication (XDCR), and flexible DR (automated incremental/full backups).

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Live support access

Capella gets you direct access to our engineers and support team 24x7 for your specific use cases and Professional Services options.

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More features

CE users miss out on our Eventing service, operational analytics, cost-based optimizer, advanced indexing, and more.

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Quality & service assurance

CE doesn’t include the latest bug fixes nor the quality testing of Capella, which is always up to date, without user effort.

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Advanced security

Capella delivers automated and more robust security than CE, including RBAC and encrypted network access.

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  • For those who wish to migrate themselves, leverage some basic guidance
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  • And if you have any questions, we are here to help

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