Enterprise-grade data security in Couchbase

Most sensitive data, whether personal, financial, medical, or some other type, is subject to strict regulations. Couchbase Server has a full suite of data security features for authentication, authorization, encryption, and auditing to meet the needs of your most critical and sensitive database workloads.




Deliver value to your customers while ensuring their information is safe


Centrally manage access to resources

Data grows exponentially and is shared across the organization with diverse teams that require access to different subsets of data. As tasks and priorities shift, data access needs also change. Centrally managed access controls keep data secure and aligned to your business needs.

Keep sensitive data confidential at scale

With rapid growth in data volume, variety, and velocity, it's increasingly challenging to maintain high levels of protection. You need a transparent security solution that delivers high data throughput and low latency so you can focus on core business goals without interruption.

Integrate with existing security tools

Enterprise portfolios depend on a range of resources that work well together. Security information and event management (SIEM) visibility and anomaly detection are key tools. Interoperability using cloud-native, industry-standard APIs and protocols is also essential.

Use industry-standard database security features

to keep data secure, confidential, and compliant

Easy-to-manage user and application access

Couchbase Server’s secure authentication protocols and role-based access control (RBAC) let you align groups of users in a centrally managed system to control access and permissions. Administrators can use granular controls to follow the principle of least privilege, allowing only the minimal required access without additional risk exposure.

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Easily manage user and application access
Strong encryption with minimal performance impact

Strong encryption with minimal performance impact

Multiple levels of high-strength encryption protect data at rest, in transit, and in process to meet a wide range of regulatory requirements. Our key security features are available across the entire Couchbase Server set of services to support key-value, OLTP, and OLAP use cases both on-premises and when using Couchbase Capella, our SOC II compliant DBaaS.

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Auditing for rapid situational awareness

Collect and integrate security-related information from Couchbase Server into a corporate SIEM system using a secure REST API and standard JSON data formats. Monitor key system configuration changes and respond to incidents or perform forensic analysis.

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Auditing for rapid situational awareness

Technical features and capabilities

Authentication (AuthN)

Administrators and connected applications are securely authenticated either with the built-in authentication domain or externally connected sources such as LDAP and Active Directory. Users can login with a username and password or authenticate with a x.509 certificate. Passwords can be configured to require a specific password policy.

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Authorization (AuthZ)

Individuals or groups of users can be assigned a role, this can also be mapped to external groups of users. Each role provides permissions to resources as part of a Role-Based Access Control system. This gives administrators the ability to limit users and applications to the minimum required permissions.

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Data stored in Couchbase is treated with the highest level of confidentiality. It can be encrypted while stored at rest, while in transit over the network, and even encrypted at the application layer before it is added to the database. Administrators have easy-to-use tools to manage the encryption ciphers and protocols.

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Being able to see who and what is happening in a complex clustered system can be a challenge. With Couchbase, every action performed across the cluster can be audited with full details of what happened and who performed the action. The auditing system provides data in a standardized format that allows easy integration with existing systems.

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FICO customer

FICO’s Falcon platform, powered by Couchbase, provides credit check, fraud screening, and targeted offer services to FICO’s business customers. These customers are primarily financial services and banking businesses with mission-critical, data-sensitive use cases. FICO uses Couchbase’s enterprise security features to meet the strict data privacy, security, and other regulatory requirements their customers are subject to.

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Pfizer customer

Pfizer is one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies with annual revenues of over $21 billion and a product portfolio that includes medicines, vaccines, and many of the world's best-known consumer healthcare products. When Pfizer required a flexible, high-performance database to power Newton (their platform for health applications), Couchbase was their top choice. Healthcare data is one of the most sensitive and highly regulated types of information, and Couchbase provided the easy-to-use features and secure platform Pfizer required.

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