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Newly Released Developer Tools for Heroku Simplify Building Couchbase Powered, Cloud-Based Applications

Mountain View, Calif. – March 11, 2014Couchbase, the fastest-growing provider of enterprise-class NoSQL databases and technologies, today announced its strategic partner KuroBase has released several new, free tools that make it faster and easier for developers to build, deploy, test and monitor Couchbase powered applications. The new releases include the first Heroku add-on for Couchbase, two new Heroku Buildpacks for Ruby and Node.js and New Relic instrumentation. 

“We are very excited that our valued partner KuroBase has taken a leading role in making it easier for Ruby and Node.js developers to build applications on Couchbase Server,” said Rahim Yaseen, Senior Vice President of Products for Couchbase. “The Couchbase developer community is growing fast and looking for the most innovative ways to build enterprise-grade, scalable applications. KuroBase-supported technologies for Heroku and New Relic, make it that much easier for developers to choose Couchbase over other less-scalable NoSQL offerings.” 

The new developer tools built and maintained by KuroBase include:

  • Heroku Add-on for Couchbase: The Couchbase add-on brings Couchbase Server to the tens of thousands of developers using Heroku. With a simple click, developers can provision a KuroBase-hosted Couchbase instance directly from the Heroku portal. The add-on also simplifies database configuration by automatically delivering the correct parameters to the developer’s application.
  • Heroku Buildpacks for Ruby and Node.js: KuroBase has spent more than one year building and testing custom Buildpacks, available today through GitHub, for Ruby and Node.js on Couchbase. Heroku Buildpacks provide a way for a developer’s application to be executed on the Heroku platform. The Buildpacks are integrated with the required Libcouchbase libraries. With these Buildpacks, developers can quickly deploy Couchbase-powered applications in Ruby or Node.js on Heroku.
  • New Relic instrumentation: KuroBase has also built a complete instrumentation for New Relic that allows any Ruby developer to track detailed metrics of all Couchbase calls from within their application. The package includes code analysis, testing and verification tools for the New Relic platform, giving developers out-of-the-box-like functionality for monitoring the performance of their applications.

Together these open-source, freely available tools enable developers to quickly build, deploy, test and monitor Couchbase-powered applications.

“The release of the Heroku add-on, Ruby and Node.js Buildpacks and the New Relic Instrumentation represent years of development and testing by the KuroBase team,” said KuroBase Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder Ali Hamidi. “The combination of the easy-to-use Heroku platform, coupled with the New Relic analytics platform, will accelerate development of Couchbase NoSQL applications.”

The Heroku add-on is available in Beta through the Heroku add-on catalog. The New Relic instrumentation and the Heroku Buildpacks are available for download through GitHub today. 


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