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Couchbase NoSQL Database Solution Gains Prominence in Advertising Platform Market

Industry Leaders and Innovators Rely on Proven NoSQL Technology to Accelerate Real-Time Ad Serving

Mountain View, Calif. – December 6, 2011 – Couchbase, the leading NoSQL database company, today announced that Couchbase has gained prominence as a preferred NoSQL database technology in the advertising platforms market. Industry leaders and innovators are increasingly choosing Couchbase to provide critical data management capabilities for their advertising and other offer targeting systems. A partial list of recent customers includes: AOL Advertising, Burstabit Technologies, Chango, Cognitive Match, Dotomi, Media Mind, TubeMogul, and Xclaim.

News Highlights

  • Couchbase has gained significant momentum in the advertising platforms market – a key market segment for highly scalable, high-performance data management solutions. Industry leaders and innovators rely on Couchbase to accelerate real-time ad serving through its NoSQL database technology.
  • Key features of Couchbase’s NoSQL database technology for ad platform companies include:
    • Schema-less data model. This unique model eliminates the need to define/redefine a database schema before inserting data. Targeting algorithms and approaches can change rapidly and often require changes in input data.
    • Elastic scaling. The technology effortlessly scales out to hold billions of data items for hundreds of millions of users, on commodity hardware or cloud computing instances.
    • Consistent sub-millisecond random read and write latency. This happens across the entire data set, supporting not only optimized decision making but enabling finely targeted personalization of ad and offer content in tight decision time windows.
    • Hadoop integration. Bi-directional connectivity between Hadoop and Couchbase enables closed-loop user profiling and ad serving. The recently announced Couchbase Hadoop Connector is the first certified connector for a NoSQL database and provides Hadoop users with an easy method of moving data back and forth between Couchbase and Hadoop via the Sqoop plug-in.
    • Built-in transparent caching. Built-in Memcached provides object-level caching technology, the most efficient way to use memory for storing active campaign data, allowing fewer servers with less memory to serve numerous campaigns.

Supporting Quotes

  • “We selected Couchbase after evaluating several open source products to power our next-generation backend ad serving platform. Couchbase has the only product in the market place that met our stringent performance requirements and was dynamically scaled to meet our future growth projections without service interruption. We have been very pleased with the maturity of the product and the responsiveness of the support team at Couchbase.” – AOL Advertising
  • “The ability of Couchbase’s solution to quickly, easily and automatically scale out data to more servers offers huge potential to those who have to address the realities of variable Internet traffic loads. You have to have an effective scaling strategy and Couchbase can help make that easier.” – Bryan Call, Vice President of Engineering, Burstabit Technologies
  • “Couchbase is an important part of our ability to serve ads with lightning fast speed. We count on the power of Couchbase technology for the performance and availability of our ad operations, but also rely on its monitoring capabilities to provide the window we need into the system – in fact we have the graphs open all day.” – Mazdak Rezvani, CTO, Chango
  • “Brands use our platform to buy video advertising in real-time across a marketplace that totals billions of transactions per day.  Optimization and decision-making at this rate require a scalable, highly performant data store that delivers millisecond-fast response times. The flexibility and performance of Couchbase’s NoSQL solution helps ensure we deliver on our promise to brand advertisers.” – Adam Rose, CTO, TubeMogul
  • “Couchbase provides a perfect NoSQL database for ad serving and targeting solutions, allowing the best scaling and speed we have seen. Exemplary customer service and stunning know-how from Couchbase has greatly added to Xclaim quality.” – Tomislav Fistrić, CTO, Xclaim
  • “Our proven NoSQL technology provides the performance, scalability and flexibility ad platforms need to accelerate data retrieval and ensure that ad serving is optimized for the best business performance. With the most production deployments in this key market segment, Couchbase is leading the way in optimizing data management for ad targeting to directly impact revenue for our customers.” – Bob Wiederhold, CEO, Couchbase

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