Simplifying security for businesses in the cloud




Customer application

  • Cloud service ID management

NoSQL solution

Use case


Key features

  • Multi-dimensional scaling
  • Cross datacenter replication

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KDDI Business ID is an enterprise cloud service that enables businesses to securely manage user IDs for SaaS products such as G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce. KDDI needed a NoSQL database to ensure fast deployment times, and they chose Couchbase after considering several competitors. KDDI found Couchbase to be extremely flexible in accommodating their agile development style and multiple schemas. They were impressed by Couchbase’s strong balance of industry-leading performance and high reliability. And with Couchbase’s push-button scalability, KDDI can easily add servers with no downtime.

“The most important quality of a telecommunications company … is reliability in providing services. With Couchbase we can meet our customers’ expectations.”

Takashi Yamada
Manager, KDDI


  • Wanted a flexible architecture to aid fast deployments of new products and updates

  • Needed unlimited scalability that could be easily administered without interrupting service to customers

  • Required high availability and strong disaster recovery for dependable service


  • Couchbase’s schemaless database speeds up time to market
  • KDDI can add nodes to a Couchbase cluster with no downtime at the push of a button
  • Couchbase uses cross datacenter replication to support true zero-downtime deployments