AEDES - Delivering digital healthcare to remote locations without reliable internet

Many parts of the developing world go without modern healthcare technology, in part because they don’t have reliable internet connections. The public health consulting organization AEDES is tackling this problem with CERHIS, a tactile hospital information system that brings digital services to sub-Saharan Africa. CERHIS enables small remote hospitals to collect all medical and administrative data on tablets using a local Couchbase Lite database and an Android app on Samsung tablets. When a connection is available, the app syncs to Couchbase Server. Because Couchbase is so flexible, it takes only two programmers to customize the platform, and local techs can easily transfer their SQL skills.


About Aedes

The Couchbase installation works even better than expected. It’s like magic happening behind the scenes.

Loïc Vaes CERHIS Project Manager, AEDES

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