Recently, Attila Kisk??, the author of the best .NET memcached client, the Enyim .NET memcached client, has been enhancing his client library to speak directly to membase data nodes. Membase already supports all existing memcached client libraries and memcached protocols via a high-performance proxy, but there's a “direct path” that client libraries can use for ever-increased performance. Along the way, we ended up with a quick guide on the wiki on how to create your own native or “smart” membase client library, so anybody else with their own favorite programming language can also do the same.

The easiest approach is to start with your favorite memcached client library (that speaks memcached binary protocol) and proceed from there. The fun part is with handling the cases during Rebalance operations to allow for seamless cluster elasticity without data loss, but who doesn't like fun challenges like these?


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