As the world is coming out of pandemic mode and getting back out into the world, Couchbase is excited to celebrate Earth Day 2022 and revisit our environmental goals.

Among our many ideas, we continue making strides in reducing the carbon footprint of our offices, as well as reducing waste and more. With so many employees working from home, we’ve also been looking for ways to support our employees and their families in meeting their environmental goals at home.

As a software company, we are looking at how our product is being used to meet partner and customer environmental goals. There are so many exciting things happening on the environmental front and this year’s Earth Day is just the beginning of the 2022 journey in supporting the environment. 

Our dedicated “Green Team” is focused on three areas of environmental experience: Workplace, People and Customer.  In other words, we are looking for ways to create a more earth-friendly workplace and to help our people be better stewards of the environment wherever they work. We continue to look for more ways that our products can help our customers in achieving their environmental goals.  

Here are some of the very practical goals we focus on within the workplace:

    • Establishment of a ‘refuse’ practice in the purchase of office supplies, food, snacks and other workplace purchases as part of the refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle philosophy.
    • Drive to make purchases requiring minimal packaging, limited transportation, and will continue to eliminate single use plastics.
    • Establishment of a carbon analysis and offset program.
    • In collaboration with IT, reduction in energy consumption in our Data Centers while continuing to serve our customers.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating Earth Day and committing to making even more sustainable initiatives in the future, for the benefit of our workplace, people, customers, and the environment.


Posted by Mike O'Farrell - Director, Real Estate & Workplaces

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