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Couchbase Introduces New Era of Customer Experience with Industry’s First Engagement Database

Built for agility and scale, the Engagement Database helps companies deliver the extraordinary experiences customers want

NEW YORK – Couchbase Connect 2017,  May 23, 2017Couchbase, Inc. today unveiled the industry’s first Engagement Database, a new category of database that  enables enterprises to continually create and reinvent the customer experience. Unlike traditional databases, the Engagement Database taps into dynamic data, at any scale and across any channel or device, to liberate data’s full potential at a time when the strategic use of data to create exceptional customer experiences has become a key competitive differentiator for businesses.

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An Engagement Database is built to address the rapidly changing expectations of the consumer around customer experience – experiences in which they 1) interact with brands via an array of channels and platforms, and 2) expect to be consistently brilliant. When experiences are responsive, personalized and available, successful interactions lead to transactions. With customer experience expected to overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by 20201, a database engineered to power customer engagement couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Winning the customer experience race isn’t simply about managing the ever-increasing complexity businesses deal with, but about being able to turn constant change into a competitive edge,” said Ravi Mayuram, SVP of products and engineering at Couchbase.  “But until now, databases haven’t been optimized for change at such dynamic intensity and scale, which leaves organizations using a variety of different databases for specific applications, resulting in slow, complicated customer experiences. We developed the Engagement Database to hurdle those shortcomings and help companies win and nurture customer relationships. You will compete for customers, and so you need to build your customer experience on the right database foundation. It’s that simple.”

Latest Couchbase releases packed with innovations

Behind the Engagement Database are major enhancements to the Couchbase Data Platform, including new releases of Couchbase Server 5.0 beta and a preview of Couchbase Mobile 2.0. Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, the Couchbase Data Platform was designed to liberate the full potential of dynamic data, at any scale, across any channel or device.

The new Couchbase releases give developers greater agility, improved query performance, and simplified cluster management, all of which enable enterprises to build amazing customer engagement applications. A major highlight of latest innovations is the fully-integrated, full text-search capability–not just for server deployments in the cloud, but also for mobile devices on the edge. 

Key enhancements to Couchbase Server 5.0 Beta include:

  • Richer customer experiences with built-in full text search with independent scaling all in the same Couchbase cluster  
  • More responsive applications and efficient data management, with in-memory data sets (no disk needed) including support for query, indexing and high availability replication for in-memory data.
  • Simpler application development that leverages enhanced N1QL query monitoring and debugging, and technology leading adaptive indexing, and built-in multi data center programmability.  
  • Enhanced security options, including fine-grained role based access control (RBAC) support for users and applications.
  • More available applications, from fast node failover in seconds and automatic index replication.
  • Strong ecosystem improvements for ETL, and for public and hybrid cloud solutions

Key enhancements for Couchbase Mobile  2.0 Preview include:

  • Richer customer experiences by providing built-in full text search for mobile applications.
  • Simplified application development with support for N1QL-like API, as well as a new API that provides built-in domain data modeling support
  • Agile development of collaborative, multi-user apps with automatic conflict management on the edge.
  • Faster apps with delta synchronization for more efficient data management from the edge to the cloud


Carl Olofson, Research Vice President at IDC
“As more and more enterprises find customer experience technology as a key way to grow share in the market, we believe 3rd platform technologies and services will help them achieve these goals. IDC has predicted that by 2019, 3rd platform technologies and services will drive nearly 75 percent of IT spending – growing at twice the rate of the total IT market. A document DBMS such as Couchbase is an example of the kind of 3rd platform technology that will drive the type of customer experience companies today need to be competitive.”

Dietmar Fauser, Vice President, Architecture, Quality & Governance, Amadeus
“As longtime users, we’re excited to dive into the latest Couchbase release. The increased availability, improved security, and performance enhancements will all help us continue to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.”

Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle
“Mobile support is a critical part of our business strategy. We’re eager to explore the major enhancements coming in the latest Couchbase Mobile release, especially N1QL and Full Text Search for mobile apps. By offering more capability on the devices, we can better engage with our customers as they use our services.”

Dave Starling, CTO, Seenit
“Our business depends on the ability to collect, sort, and use video data as fast as possible. As we’ve continued to explore the new Couchbase 5.0 release, we’ve been impressed by the evolving full-text search and N1QL functionality – it’s already helping us transform how we evaluate, store, and search video intelligence data.” 


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