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Couchbase Hires Proven Enterprise Software Executive Doug Laird as Chief Marketing Officer

Industry veteran has spent two decades defining categories and establishing leadership positions for marquis companies including Oracle, Siebel, Virsa / SAP, QlikTech and Wildfire / Google

Mountain View, Calif. – February 27, 2014 – Couchbase, the fastest-growing provider of enterprise-class NoSQL databases and technologies, is pleased to announce that software industry veteran Doug Laird has joined the company as its Chief Marketing Officer. Laird will lead global marketing, responsible for extending Couchbase’s early success and establishing the company as the market leader for enterprise-grade NoSQL.

Wikibon forecasts the NoSQL market to reach $3.5 billion in annual revenue over the next five years. Global companies are driving this explosive market growth as they look for database technology that can support the scalability, reliability and high-performance requirements of highly interactive, mission-critical applications. These companies, including Amadeus, AOL, Orbitz, PayPal, and Viber, continuously select Couchbase Server to support their enterprise-grade NoSQL deployments.

“Couchbase Server is the only NoSQL database fit to provide the scalability and performance that mission-critical enterprise applications require,” said Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase. “This product advantage gives us a huge market opportunity and we are delighted to have Doug join our management team at this pivotal time. His experience establishing market leadership for top-tier startups will be critical to our success during this hyper-growth period.”

Laird is experienced at building leadership positions for high-growth companies in emerging categories. Prior to Couchbase Laird was at Wildfire, where he served as CMO for its rapidly growing social media marketing business through the company’s acquisition by Google for a reported $400 million. Prior to that, Laird served as Vice President of Global Marketing at QlikTech, where he created a new Business Intelligence category, termed Business Discovery. Gartner endorsed the category and recognized QlikTech as the innovative leader. The new positioning was instrumental in helping drive a three-year increase in annual revenue from $80 million to $321 million and one of the best performing technology IPOs of the 2010. Laird also led corporate marketing at Siebel contributing to the high growth period when sales grew from $410 million to 1.8 billion.

“The NoSQL market is evolving into two distinct segments – small, grassroots developer-led projects, and business-critical applications that require massive scale,” said Laird. “Market success is no longer defined by the number of downloads and LinkedIn skill counts, but by the ability to support mission critical applications. This presents a huge opportunity within the large enterprise segment where Couchbase is uniquely positioned to win. Couchbase’s unrivaled scalability, reliability and performance advantages are driving adoption from global enterprises, such as messaging giant Viber, who is using Couchbase Server to replace NoSQL implementations from other vendors that did not meet its performance requirements.”

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