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Couchbase Fully Supports MultiCloud Strategies Across AWS, Azure, and Google with Latest Release of Couchbase Autonomous Operator for Kubernetes and OpenShift

Dynamic new features give developers the freedom to deploy, manage and move applications in a cloud-agnostic manner, reducing lock-in, costs, and complexity

BARCELONA, May 21, 2019– Kubecon Europe 2019, Booth #S15Couchbase, Inc. today announced the latest release of Couchbase Autonomous Operator, a groundbreaking update bringing advanced features that enable Kubernetes-based application deployers greater freedom and flexibility in their apps lifecycle.

Enterprises are looking to reduce the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and scaling multiple clusters and hundreds of database instances over hybrid-cloud platforms. Couchbase surpasses these expectations with Couchbase Autonomous Operator 1.2 with several new features, including:

Production certification for cloud-managed Kubernetes services

By working closely with partners, Autonomous Operator 1.2 brings production certification and full production support for cloud-managed Kubernetes services on Amazon (AWS EKS), Azure (Azure AKS) and Google (Google GKE) platforms. The 1.2 release also refreshes support for Red Hat OpenShift to the latest release.

This cloud-agnostic approach avoids vendor lock-in and allows enterprises with multicloud strategies to deploy, manage and move their applications to and from any cloud, at any time. Deployment for hybrid-cloud mixing public cloud providers with on-premises deployments on Red Hat OpenShift gives further flexibility.

Automated upgrade of Couchbase clusters

With Autonomous Operator 1.2, developers can now perform automated upgrades of Couchbase Server clusters. Upgrading an entire Couchbase cluster is as easy as specifying the desired Couchbase version in the configuration, and then pushing it to Kubernetes.

Automated rolling upgrade of Kubernetes clusters

With support for automatic rolling Kubernetes upgrades, Autonomous Operator 1.2 dramatically lightens the load of upgrading the enterprise Kubernetes or OpenShift cluster, while ensuring that the Couchbase deployment doesn’t experience any downtime or data loss.

Automated resource validation through Kubernetes Admission Controller

Autonomous Operator 1.2 now uses a Kubernetes admission controller, from within the Kubernetes cluster itself, to perform validation checks before implementing a new Couchbase cluster configuration. This protects the Couchbase deployment (and the Operator) from any accidental damage that might arise from an invalid configuration.

Support for Helm

Using Helm is an effective way to deploy, manage and upgrade the Operator, providing a single point of authority for keeping track of resources associated with each deployment. The addition of official Couchbase Helm Charts make installation, upgrade, and maintenance even easier.

Public connectivity for Couchbase clients

This release introduces support for connecting clients to the Couchbase cluster over the Internet via public IP-based addressing and dynamic DNS.

TLS certificate rotation

Kubernetes certificate rotation while online and providing services is supported in order to enable the replacement of expired or compromised certificates.

Supporting quotes

“Couchbase Autonomous Operator 1.2 sets a new standard for Kubernetes in production deployments. For the first time, a fully distributed, scalable, enterprise-class database that can be orchestrated by Kubernetes is generally available to enterprises wishing to automate the deployment, monitoring, scaling and managing of database applications both on-premises and in public cloud environments seamlessly. Further, it brings the required abstraction and automation to the table, for intelligent CI/CD pipelines.”
— Bipin Jethwani, Principal Architect at AT&T Entertainment Group

“The buzz around Kubernetes is spilling over to the database world. The new autonomous operator will make setting up Couchbase in a hybrid or private cloud environment behave more like a fully managed cloud database-as-a-service experience, greatly reducing the friction of deployment.”
— Tony Baer, Principal for dbInsight

“Couchbase is the first and only distributed database that brings a database into the CI/CD pipeline, which reduces the development-deployment friction so enterprises can bring their innovations to market quickly. With Couchbase Autonomous Operator 1.2, it is now possible for development teams to build their apps in the cloud quickly, and then deploy those apps in the cloud as well as on prem. Together with our partners, we now deliver this solution on GKE, EKS or AKS and Red Hat OpenShift, giving developers more options and flexibility than ever before.”
— Ravi Mayuram, SVP of Engineering and CTO, Couchbase


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