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Couchbase Adds Associate Java Developer Certification Program to Couchbase Academy

Couchbase expands training portfolio with self-guided, use-case driven, and persona-specific courses to achieve professional certifications for its NoSQL database solutions

COUCHBASE CONNECT.ONLINE– October 15, 2020 – Couchbase, the creator of the enterprise-class, multicloud to edge NoSQL database, today announced the availability of the Couchbase Associate Java Developer Certification program. A curriculum within Couchbase Academy, formerly Couchbase Training, the new certification program is the first of a new breed of upskilling opportunities for developers and database administrators to improve their foundational and practical knowledge of Couchbase’s solutions.

Couchbase Academy provides extensive hands-on learning experiences to help teams implement Couchbase products quickly and effectively. Whether you want to learn on your own or with the guidance of an in-person instructor, the Academy’s courses cover Couchbase NoSQL, data modeling, analytics, querying, indexing, searching, various software development kits (SDKs), administration topics, and we’re expanding our programs every quarter.

The new Couchbase Associate Java Developer program is an online channel to gain certification for developing with Couchbase products in mind. Access to the program is free, and students can earn certification when they complete a proctored exam for only a nominal fee.

The program focuses on related practical examples and highly interactive learning, coupled with a lab environment where Java Developers can test their newfound insights in hands-on use cases. Students are taken through a series of levels that culminate in developing a functional music app service, demonstrating along the way how Java engages with Couchbase solutions.

Program attendees can learn at their own pace and require no previous knowledge of Couchbase’s NoSQL database solutions. The course requires as few as 15 hours in total, followed by a 90 minute proctored exam under the supervision of a third party testing vendor.

“We developed the Couchbase Associate Java Developer program to be impactful and something developers can use effectively,” said Mark Secrist, Director, Technical Training at Couchbase. “Instructional portions leverage video, interactive components and granular features to keep attendees interested and engaged, typically in 5 to 20 minute stints. These are followed by lab sessions where the students are allowed to practice their newfound skills without impacting their production instances. Lab portions account for around two-thirds of the program, underlining how much this is focused on practical and tangible upskilling, designed to drive higher retention of presented information. Our program focuses on evolving code, which happens to be what developers do.”

The Couchbase Associate Java Developer program is the first of several new training initiatives at Couchbase and serves as a companion to its updated Developer Course. Couchbase offers numerous courses to train its user base, now increasingly expressed through personas, to help prospective students select the best tracks to fit their ambitions and requirements.

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