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About Microsoft Azure and Couchbase

Built on the most powerful NoSQL technology, the Couchbase Data Platform provides unmatched agility, manageability, and performance at any scale to deliver amazing customer experiences. Microsoft Azure is a collection of integrated cloud services for building, deploying, and managing applications through Microsoft’s global network of datacenters. Together Couchbase and Azure combine the ease of management of a single data platform with an enterprise-grade, infinitely scalable cloud. You get unmatched agility and flexibility with on-demand multi-dimensional scalability and near 100% data availability. Economies of cloud reduce TCO, eliminate the learning curve, and lighten developer workloads. And a future-proof data platform supports millions of users, simplifies cross datacenter replication, and provides industry-leading security. 


“Our goal is to provide our technology for more teams and users in a broad array of fields, including the military. Couchbase on Microsoft Azure gives us the scalable platform we need to pursue our business goals.”

Daniel Beeler
CTO, SyncThink
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SyncThink uses Couchbase and Microsoft Azure to track brain health
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