Couchbase Server on Microsoft Azure Build your foundation For Digital Innovation

With the Couchbase Data Platform on Microsoft Azure, you get the best of both worlds - the unmatched agility, unparalleled performance at scale, and the ease of management of a single data platform combined with an enterprise-grade, infinitely scalable cloud.

See how Couchbase and Microsoft empower organizations to create bigger and better experiences for web, mobile, and IoT apps.

 We get you. You're a developer. So are we. You're busy – a supreme multitasker and a champion juggler. You're working with big data, mission-critical applications and real-time distribution. You need complex infrastructure tasks to be simple, rapid and easy. 

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Meet Couchbase Server on Azure

Simple Setup

Get a development or production environment up and running within minutes.

Easy Global Deployments

Deploy a globally distributed application that manages data across continents with a few steps, while maintaining full portability and control of your data.

Applications on the Cloud

Extend your on-premises application deployment to the public cloud to run powerful hybrid applications.

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