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Delivering smooth online event experiences to thousands of viewers

Netropolix is an IT solutions company that specializes in supporting international scientific and medical events. The company processes large volumes of diverse data to support its customers’ reporting and analytics needs. Netropolix selected Couchbase Capella™ on AWS to smoothly handle up to 10,000 users simultaneously logging onto its hybrid event application to view sessions. The company is also using Capella to build more solutions and onboard additional customers without the worry of potential failures.

About Netropolix


simultaneous logins




    • Needed a faster, more reliable solution to address the inefficiencies of multiple large data lakes
    • Wanted to reduce time spent transporting and managing databases and servers on premises at conferences
    • Needed to increase database and application performance, scalability, and cost-efficiencies


    • Capella combines all incoming data into a single source in the cloud and enables the use of SQL++ and JSON
    • 10,000 users can log into the hybrid event app at once to view sessions with a highly responsive experience
    • The dev team can build more solutions and add more customers without worrying about potential failures
    • Capella maximizes price-performance and reduces management efforts
We investigated Capella’s pricing structure and the way it maximizes results in relation to cost – value for money. If we were to take that same configuration and use another database, I don't think we would have ever achieved the same results.

Simba Mupfunya Systems Architect, Netropolix

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  • Hybrid event application

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