Ambassador Tools and Resources

Everything you need to be an effective advocate

Ambassador warm-up plan

Shortly after you join the program, we’ll send you a warm-up plan to help you get started quickly as a Couchbase Ambassador.

Topics and ideas for talks

As an Ambassador, you have the opportunity to give talks and lead workshops about Couchbase. Here’s a short list of recommended topics:

  • Expert developer experiences and advice for newcomers
    It’s always great to share how you incorporate Couchbase into your development stack, what you’ve learned, and what advice you’d offer your peers. Audiences love to hear from Java, Scala, JavaScript, C#, .NET, Go, Ruby, and Python developers. And other developers want to know your tips for using GraphQL, Node.js, Spring, ASP.NET, and other frameworks and tools. We also encourage Couchbase Partners to demonstrate cross-product integrations.

  • Couchbase Capella™ success
    If you’ve tried Couchbase Capella, our hosted Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), you’re encouraged to share your tales of success and experience.

  • Database best practices
    Deploying distributed database applications can be complex, so you might want to share your design tips for query language best practices, scaling database services, using Kubernetes, optimizing indexes, building for high availability, or migrating and refactoring relational database-powered applications into Couchbase.

  • Modern applications and mobile use cases
    Talk about your database modernization journey, especially times when you delivered personalized experiences that transformed your business.

Learning resources

If you want to polish up your knowledge of Couchbase before speaking at an event or conference, check out the learning resources available on our Developer Portal.

Coming soon
  • Presentation slide decks and templates
  • Budget request form
  • Print collateral and videos

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