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Aug 18, 2021

Why Your Modern Applications Won't Survive Without a New Database Foundation

Matt Aslett, Research Director, Data, AI & Analytics

IT in the 2020s will be defined by application modernization as organizations move away from rigid, slow-moving systems built on relational databases. Instead, they’re accelerating their transition to data management platforms that fuse the familiarity of relational with the flexibility, geo-mobility, and scale of cloud-native NoSQL databases.


In this webinar, Matt Aslett of 451 Research (part of S&P Global Market Intelligence) and Jeff Morris of Couchbase will dig into the research on this modernization trend and explain how you can maximize the benefits of a modern database architecture.

Jul 28, 2021

Getting Started with NoSQL for Java Developers - With Guest Speaker Ted Neward

Ted Neward, Director of Technology Culture

Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, while NoSQL databases have become the go-to technology for modern business applications. In this virtual event, Java authority and accomplished author Ted Neward will join us to discuss the best way to use Java and NoSQL together to take full advantage of their combined benefits. 

Jul 20-21, 2021

Why Cloud-Native Technologies Are Critical to Your Cloud Transition – With Guest Speaker Noel Yuhanna

Anil Kumar, Principal Product Manager

Knowing how to take advantage of cloud data tools is essential to your success if you’re moving business-critical applications and data infrastructures to the cloud for greater scalability and automation. In this webinar, Forrester’s lead database analyst, Noel Yuhanna, will join us to talk about the best way to adopt cloud computing using cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes.


Jul 14-15, 2021

Couchbase Pushes Performance Even Higher While Lowering Operational Costs

Jeff Morris, VP, Product and Solutions Marketing

Developers of database-driven applications know that performance and cost of operations go hand in hand. In this webinar we’ll show you how our latest product capabilities work together to extend the impressive performance of Couchbase-powered applications while lowering your operational costs with economic benefits beyond our multi-model versatility. We’ll demo key capabilities and take your questions in a live Q&A.

Jun 29-30, 2021

Couchbase Autonomous Operator 2.2 Automates Your Cloud-Native Database

Roshani Sanghavi

Couchbase Autonomous Operator (CAO) lets you run distributed Couchbase clusters on Kubernetes, providing you with a powerful duo for data management. With the release of CAO 2.2 we’ve added many new features and improvements with a strong focus on increased automation.

Jun 22, 2021

KM World: Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with NoSQL DBaaS

Mark Gamble, Product and Solutions Marketing Director

The post-pandemic economy is accelerating digital transformation in almost every organization. From the KM perspective, the ability to manage document databases that are memory first, available in the cloud, highly flexible, easily queried, and fully integrated results in greater productivity. Still, many businesses struggle with fewer resources and slashed budgets, making them more cost-conscious than ever. Confronted with equal parts opportunity and cost-control pressure, IT and KM departments look to adopt technology that can meet the demands of modern applications with the lowest total cost of ownership. In this web event, Couchbase examines how a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) can provide the scale and efficiency your applications require. You will learn the ways in which cloud adoption has transformed business operations, and the new opportunities it presents in addition to key steps and considerations you need to follow for successful cloud implementation and rollout.

Jun 8-9, 2021

It Doesn’t Have to Be Scary: Bridging the Divide Between Relational and NoSQL Databases

Matthew Groves, Developer Advocate

Relational databases were born in the era of mainframes when structure was king and the proliferation of data was predictable. Today, an incredible amount of new data is generated every day by a growing number of diverse sources. To untether this data from the rigidity of RDBMS, developers are being asked to integrate with or migrate to NoSQL databases.

In this webinar, our partner MOLO17 will join us to examine the best ways to overcome the barriers dividing relational and NoSQL databases.

May 26, 2021

DZone: Moving from a Relational Model to NoSQL

Matthew Groves, Developer Advocate

Businesses are quickly moving to NoSQL databases to power their modern applications. However, a technology migration involves risk, especially if you have to change your data model. What if you could host a relatively unmodified RDBMS schema on your NoSQL database, then optimize it over time? We’ll show you how Couchbase makes it easy to use SQL for JSON to query your data and create joins, optimize indexes and perform HashMap queries, and build applications and analysis with NoSQL.

May 19-25, 2021

How Industry Leaders Use DBaaS to Create Modern User Experiences

Mark Gamble, Product and Solutions Marketing Director

As you modernize your applications for a growing decentralized user base, your key challenges will remain the same. Your users still expect a highly personalized experience. They’re still using mobile devices that frequently change locations. And they’re still browsing products and services that have to reflect real-time information. The problem is, a lot of critical data still lives in legacy systems that can’t keep up. So, how do you modernize quickly without breaking the bank? In this webinar we’ll explore how the right Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) can provide the scale and efficiency you need.

May 19, 2021

ActualTech Spring Summit: Supercharging IT

Matthew Groves, Developer Advocate

Enterprise technology vendors are working hard to help their customers bring sanity to the madness through the development of solutions intended to solve critical business problems. Today’s enterprise IT solutions are supercharging the traditional IT organization with next-generation innovations, making what was seemingly impossible, possible.


How can these supercharged IT solutions help you to solve your toughest IT challenges and bring order to your chaos? How can solutions help you stay secure while staying ahead of a growing work-from-home need? What are the latest products, services, and capabilities that your company should be using to stay competitive and succeed? You'll find answers to these questions and more on ActualTech Media’s Supercharging IT Summit event!


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