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Couchbase Open Source Database Named Winner in 2012 InfoWorld Bossie Awards

Leading NoSQL database recognized as one of the best open source databases of the year

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – September 19, 2012 – Couchbase, the leading NoSQL database company and the company behind the Couchbase open source project, today announced that the Couchbase open source database has been named one of IDG InfoWorld’s 2012 Bossie Award recipients for the best of open source databases.

The InfoWorld Bossie Awards recognize each year the best business-oriented open source software products. Couchbase was named among other leading innovative open source databases.

Couchbase is an open source NoSQL database optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications. It automatically distributes data across commodity servers or virtual machines.

“We’re excited that Couchbase was named a winner of the 2012 Bossie Awards,” said Bob Wiederhold, President and CEO of Couchbase. “With its easy scalability, consistent high performance, and always-on availability, Couchbase is an ideal NoSQL database technology for developers building serious web applications.”

“Couchbase’s transition to a document database will give MongoDB a run for its money,” said Andrew Oliver, President of Open Software Integrators and InfoWorld Contributor. “It is multithreaded per node, which can be a major scalability benefit – especially when hosted on custom or bare-metal hardware. With some nice integration features, including with Hadoop, Couchbase is a great choice for an operational data store.”

In addition to using the open source code, developers can also download packaged binaries of Couchbase database technology: Couchbase Server Community Edition is available free of charge, and Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition is available as a paid annual subscription.

Couchbase Server 2.0 Beta is now available for download, and will be featured at Couchbase’s second annual CouchConf conference in San Francisco this Friday, September 21. Those interested can learn more about harnessing powerful NoSQL technology for web applications and real world use cases from companies including Orbitz, LinkedIn, Sabre Holdings, McGraw Hill, Shuffle Master, and more.

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About Couchbase Server

Couchbase Server NoSQL database technology is optimized for the data management needs of interactive web applications. Web application developers and operators rely on Couchbase Server for:

  • Easy Scalability: It’s easy to scale the data tier with Couchbase Server without any interruption or change to an application. With one click of a button, users can expand a cluster up to hundreds of servers, automatically keeping the workload evenly distributed among them.
  • Consistent High Performance: With consistent sub-millisecond response time, Couchbase Server helps ensure a positive experience for application users. Couchbase Server’s high throughput means fewer servers are required to serve growing numbers of application users.
  • Always-on availability: Couchbase Server’s high availability features means applications are always online, 24x7x265. Whether upgrading the database, system software or hardware – or recovering from a disaster – Couchbase Server allows you to do so with zero downtime.
  • Flexible data model: As a NoSQL database, Couchbase Server eliminates the need to create and manage schemas, dramatically reducing the complexity and time required when making changes to an application.

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